UT2003 - SkinPack - MäxX - Stefanie Special

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Link(gun) Lady
Name: Stefanie Special
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2003 (retail version)
Type: Skins for Human Female C
Author: MäxX
Teamcolors: 4
Additional Info:
#2 characters in total
#All Characters are choosable as player`s character in SinglePlayer-mode
#All characters can be chosen as teammate in SinglePlayer-mode
#The skills are raised to godlike standarts
#Voices from Lopar`s UT(99)-classic-Voicepack are used
#Bios are working in english
#The pack must be installed manually
Known Issues:
If you have already installed Team Silver Talon, there might be problems with a DUP Stefanie
Bio is not working (fixed upl in attachement)
With original version there might be problems when starting a server.
For solutions take a look at the attachements and the notes below the score (or at the original thread).

Stefanie Special (Skincity - 6,4 MB)


Stefanie returns to the tournament with a Special Edition:

MäxX managed to surpise the community as he released a skin the next day after he had starten to make it!
To be exactly he made this after this was requested by a fan of skins with that kind of colorscheme.
Initially it was not planned to be made public, but it would be a shame missing the most beautiful and newest team member of his TSE pack! :p

The Facts:
The pack comes with 2 very different skins:

1. Stefanie aka UT Girl:
This skin was originally only a quickly done recolor to achieve it`s purpose on a mission of changing all Duplicates (DUPs) in Single Player mode. After the project was abandoned the first time the pack was still released (TST-Baker) and this skin has been my favorite for a very very long time.
btw, the project is still alive and we all hope that MäxX finishes it before UT2007 arrives in the stores....

2. UT Girl aka Stefanie:
In order to make this skin MäxX gave Natasha`s armor a great color and added an effect to the head which allows you to see her eyes through the sunglasses.
She is truly a great addition to the TSE-pack and my favorite skin for the moment!

The Pros:
The voicepack-entries using Lopar`s Voicepack are cool, but he could have used both voices and not only Fem2 IMO
4 Team color support is always worth to be mentioned at this point
The characters are pretty strong! If you have them in your team they can help you a lot and a great help to win Single Player mode at higher levels.
The colorscheme is simply awesome, the sexy suit is simply great and the portaits rock!

The Cons:
The characters are pretty strong! They are really expensive in SP and when you play against them you should lower overall skill-level of the bots. For instance you use to play at "skilled" and are pretty good there, then these bots will clean the floor with your face....
Mainly they are just combined and recolored skins.
I can`t rate it in the end because it was a skin request made by me....

The Bottom Line:
For me it is not important whether a skin is a recolored or "recycled" one, it just has to look cool and not cheap.
Allthough the first Stefanie skin is simply RGB-changed Sapphire/Satin I really enjoyed playing with her, but the new suit is simply awesome.
I hope she will be included in Team Snake Eyes UT2007 version ;)

As mentioned above I can`t rate this, but I just couldn`t resist reviewing that great skin for you...sorry :)

Total Score: ?.?/10

[Important Info for Server Usage]
thanks to klasnic for investigations said:
Even if just one character is being pushed from the server it'll be a really big download as it'll send the whole texture file, plus all the voice packs.

They really need to be compressed and put on redirect (server admins will know what that is).

Anyone using the skins online with the voicepacks won't connect to servers using SafeGame and will get warnings with AntiTCC "person loaded an unknown class"


Copy the contents of the attached zip(s) to UT2004\System

Open UT2004.ini in UT2004\System and under the section [Engine.GameEngine], add the following entries;


Save and close. Done.


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