UT2003 - Skin - Nathalia/Sarah by MacTom27

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What do you think of this skin?

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Name: Nathalia/Sarah
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2003
Author: MacTom27
Download: SkinCity - 2,99 MB


Model: Merc Female C (original)
Animations: Original
Voice: Human Female (original)
Skills: Godlike

SinglePlayer (None/PlayerOnly/TeamMate/Full): Full Support
Team Colors (None/2/4): 4
# of skins: 2
Custom Bio: No
Type of Installation: Manual
Known Issues: none
Additional Info: n/a

Nathalia - A veteran lady is on a mission in making a good addition to your personal merc collection

I don`t think that MacTom27 needs any introdution! Within a very short period of time he managed to become a "must be known" skinner with many great works.

Skaarj fans will truly have their fun with his amazing skins! But for now we`ll have a closer look at this real nice lady.

Personaly I really like that skin, due very well done black and white contrasts, a nice looking armor and new decals.

MacTom27 doesn`t tell us anything about the ladies, but referring to their looks and stats I suppose they are two well known veterans. For a good mix, I like "older" chars, so this one had to be added to my collection.

The Pros:
+ 4 Teamcolors are always mentioned by me. Not all players like 4 team battles, but only a skin with 4 teamcolors is a "complete" skin (In My Opinion).

+ The teamcolors are well contrasted and can be recognized well and easily.

+ I really like the design of the suits. Sexy and protective. Perfect!

The Cons:
- Something is missing in the portaits.

- There is no ceratin bio included and Lauren`s used.

The Bottom Line:
I`d have included a "How old is Nathalia"-poll, but I can only include one poll a time, sorry.
Anyways, this is a real nice skin and I can recommend it with good certain.

TOTAL SCORE: 7.50/10

Starry Might

Yeah, these gals (and all of MacTom27's creations, actually) rock. 9/10 from me.

As for the Bios, I want to make up some for MacTom27's earlier creations, but I've never got around to 'em. :lol:

Other People: "GET TO WORK!" -> :stick: <- Me: "OWW!"

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Starry Might said:
As for the Bios, I want to make up some for MacTom27's earlier creations, but I've never got around to 'em.
"GET TO WORK!" -> :stick: