UT2003 - Skin - Bofrazz - CLNKILRZ

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Link(gun) Lady
Name: CLNKILRZ Clan skin
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2003 (retail version)
Type: Skins for Human Male A
Author: Bofrazz
Teamcolors: 2
Additional Info:
#Character can`t be chosen as player`s character in SinglePlayer-mode
#Character can`t be chosen as teammate in SinglePlayer-mode
#The skills are slightly raised and the voice remains unchanged
#No Bio
#The pack must be installed manually
Known Issues:

Skincity - 2 MB


CLNKILRZ - Really well spent 20 Bucks:

Morphobis requested a clan skin here @ BUF offering 20 bucks for doing the task. Finally Bofrazz went for it and delivered a real great skin for a real good price!

The Facts:
The request was very highly detailed written and Bofrazz managed to make a skin which achieved every detail mentioned.
As a small bonus he included teamcolors for battles with up to 2 teams (all standart gametypes).

The Pros:
The skindesign is really great and I really love that dragon! This is truly amazing!
Bofrazz managed to put a real face at a high quality on that skin and I like the way he did the hairstyle.

The Cons:
The CLNKILRZ fonts on the chest are a little bit to heavy IMO. I know that`s a clanskin but it just seemes not to fit that way.
Due the original model is not the best, the hair looks a little bit messed up.
I simply don`t like portraits made by upaint.

The Bottom Line:
Unfortunately there is only 1 face included, so this can only be threaden as a clanmember skin.
Someone should really release an upgrade for 4 team battles, a skin without 4 TCs is just not that complete, IMO.
I made a simple portrait myself due the old portrait really looked quite crappy. Thx to klasnic at this point for the tut and the template :tup:
If you want to use it, take a look at the attachements). I also included a small bio, nothing special but it looks better than another R&R (Romulus & Remus) bio.

Total Score: 7.0/10


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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Looks like your`re not only on a rating spree, you`re now also on a reviewing spree :lol:

[serious and backtopic=True]
another nice review and nice work on your alternate portait :tup: