UT2003 - Skin - Aias

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What do you think of this skin?

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Name: Aias
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2003 (retail version+)
Type: Skin for Alien Male A (original)
Author: Slaughter
Teamcolors: 4
Additional Info:
Character is choosable for player`s character in SinglePlayer-mode.
Character can`t be chosen as Teammate in SP
The standart skills are slightly modified.
Other characteristics (voice, race,...) are unchanged
Known Issues: None
Download: Skincity - 2,58 MB

Aias - Only humans can be made Necris? We doubted that, and this one here is the impressive evidence that also the Gen Mo'Kai (GMK) can be revived that way:


First this one started as a small joke by me, than it got requested here in the forums by electrolyte and then the project has been started by some authors. Ooops, Slaughter did it again and created a real good skin of a thing that no one has done or even tried before.

The pros:
The whole character simply looks awesome. Normaly I don`t count the GMK my favorites, but this one will definitaly stay on my HD as long as UT 2004 stays on it!
The dark suit combined with the pale dead alien skin just looks great. The other GMK are wearing masks with bones to look frightening, this one does the trick without any stuff like that (exspecially the teeth look very good -> I want to be his dentist, I would be very, very rich)
This is one of the best portraits if seen in the last time and the best GMK ever! Right size, right feeling, right pose, simply great!
Another very good thing is that this skin even supports up to 4 teamplay battles, that`s the type of skin I want to see!

The cons:
In some cases you might have some problems in recognizing the teamcolors instantly, but all in all they are ok.
old Review said:
Unfortunately this skin lacks any bio and it`s really a pity! But as a special service for the SkinCity-users and the BUF-community I`ve written a bio you can use if you want *pointsatattachement* but be sure to have the latest patch for UT2004 installed, otherwise you`ll have to add the text to the xplayers.int and change "text=xplayers.Aias" in the upl.
The skin now has a bio

A pity the cool wallpapers made by him were also left out, they just look great. But again I`ll add a link to them only for you! *pointsatyoulikeUncleSamthistime*
old Review said:
This skin can`t be chosen as character in SinglePlayer, that`s also a thing I`ve changed in the upl in the attachement.
The character can be chosen in SP now

Words by reviewer:
Slaughter just has some amazing skinning talent and always manages to impress me with his great work.
So if you like the GMK you should download it because this is the best custom GMK skin I`ve ever seen!
If you don`t like the GMK and are thinking that only a dead GMK is a good GMK, well then you should be pleased with that skin due you save the work in killing him. But you should also be warned, it might kill you too.... it doesn`t like the GMK-dislikers......

I think I`ve talked/written enough for the moment, simply get this skin as soon as possible and enjoy the show.


WPs 1 & 2 were made by Slaughter
WP 3 by Zenodey

Total Score: 7.5/10
The total score would have been raised for a good story, but since I writed it I can`t include it in the score
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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
New armour isn't immediately apparent unless you're used to seeing the GenMo'Kai characters (to fully appreciate it).

LODs aren't set and no bio is a little rushed but good regardless.

Total Score: 6.75/10
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Dec 29, 2004
I absolutely love this skin, I'm using it in offline play and on Fraghouse Invasion :)

I just wish the backgrounds were 1280x1024, because since they are so small they get pixelated when I use them on my desktop :(


Link(gun) Lady
This is another great work by Slaughter and truly the best reskinned GMK I`ve ever seen.
To be honest I have never played the game as a GMK before, but now I`ve tried it (with species stats turned on). That was really funny, alltought a little bit too fast for me in the beginning :lol:

Nice job on the story, it rounds things up

For me the skin is worth a total score of 7.25/10. Real well done I`m looking forward for Slaughter`s next project


sex boobs nude
Feb 7, 2004
Some things to ad:
I like your teamcolors but from behind they are a bit hard to recognize. This may annoy some people.
Slaughter has also used some standard GMK textures(altered non the less) and gets it to work out really well with the custom added stuff.
The tribals is pure awesome even though they are ripped from the UT2k4 ECE Necris skins. It also makes this skin fit very well into that theme.

My score is a total of 7.5.


Destroyer Droid
May 26, 2005
In a Trade Federation Control Ship
I may have different judgements of skins than all you ppl, but...

I definitely would give this skin 90/100 or above, especially if it was later released in a pack with a Necris Makareth in keeping with the story in the bio. What also might be nice is a reskinned MAP, Antalus, into a dead, rotting sort of map that would be a kind of alter ego for the map displaying the rise of the Necris Gen Mo' Kai.

Maybe it's just me though.


Formally known as mutt
Sep 25, 2004
awesome skin i must say 8/10 tho the teamskins culda been better :)