UT2003/4 - Skin - Slaughter - Panz0rs

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May 8, 2005

Skin/Model Name: Panz0rs Skin Pack
UT(99/2k3/2k4): 2003/4
Author(s): Slaughter
Download: http://skincity.beyondunreal.com/?section=skins&action=show_infos&id=1957


Model: Prism, Sapphire, Damarus, Malcolm, Romulus, Wraith, and Enigma

Support (SP/MP/Both): dunno i edited them
Support (Team Colours) (None/2/4): 2
Known Issues: none


These are some of my favorite skins by slaughter, I use most of them for my UT teams. It's a varied pack based on urban camo.

The Good:

The skins just plain look cool, the the faceskins are excellent. The Romulus skin with the mask skinned on has got to be one of my favorite skins for the game.

The Bad:
I don't like the robot or the Gen Mo Kai much, but that is just my opinion, they are still good dkins. Also, some parts of the skins are just recolored.

The Bottom Line:

A very good skin pack that should be in your textures folder.


Starry Might

Oh noes, Meatball01 pulled a MäxX! :eek: :lol: ;)

Yeah, this is a great pack - 8/10 from moi. :D

Pity they have no Bios, though. Here are the ones I've made up so far:

Panz0rsAdae=Name: Adae|Age: 31|Race: Human||Data:|An N.E.G. soldier who was discharged after she rescued a fallen comrade in battle despite being ordered to retreat, Adae decided to start her life over in the Tournament, and she founded a team called ''Panz0rs''.||It is now 8 members strong, and coincidentally, many of its members are erstwhiles of some form or another.||

Panz0rsKarena=Name: Karena|Age: 24|Race: Human||Data:|Karena was a new recruit into the 7th Mercenary Fleet, but her abrasive personailty, combined with her addiction to the illegal drug ''Blue Spitfire'' (which causes its users to be more aggressive and yet more drowsy at the same time), caused her to be thrown out on her ear a mere two weeks after she was inducted. Embittered yet enlightened, Karena decided to learn to be nicer and break her addiction to the foul substance...easier said than done!||She later met up with Adae, and decided to join the Panz0rs. Deep down inside, however, she longs to reconcile with the Mercs and convince them to give her another chance, but not until she's totally reformed.||

Panz0rsRathnaid=Name: Rathnaid|Age: Unknown|Race: Cybernetic||Data:|A female android who was purchased by Adae to fight with the Panz0rs, Rathnaid is an efficient, deadly, and valued member of the team. Some contestants have been petitioning Liandri to ban her from the games, however, claiming that her ''sunny boobs'' are too ''distracting''...||

Panz0rsZef=Name: Zef|Age: 28|Race: Gen Mo'Kai||Data:|The Crown Prince of the Lekma tribe, Zef was exhiled from Arborea for a murder that he didn't commit.||He now fights alongside the Panz0rs, and when he's not competing in the Tournament, he is searching for information that would unmask the real culprit behind that foul crime and thus prove his innocence to his former people.||
BTW, anybody here recognize the SkinCity Forums reference in Rathnaid's Bio? ;) If you do, you get a trophy! :2thumb:

Meatball01 said:
Support (SP/MP/Both): dunno i edited them

Everybody except Adae (the Prism/BlackJack skin), Karena (the Sapphire/Satin skin), and Zef (the Damarus/Komek skin) has the "Menu=SP" line in their respective entries, so you can play as them in Single Player. Furthermore, I think many of them might be recruitable as teammates, too.
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New Member
Oct 11, 2005

I like the skins, nice and shiny...and how did you do that smiley, SaD??