UT2003/2004 - Skin – Slaughter - Caige

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Starry Might

Skin/Model Name: Caige
UT (99/2k3/2k4): “UT2k3” and “UT 2k4”
System Requirements: N/A
Author(s): Slaughter
Download: SkinCity (2.2 MB)


Model: Romulus/Remus (MercMaleB)
Voice: Default
Other: N/A

Support (SP/MP/Both): Both (I think...)
Support (Team Colors): 4
Known Issues: N/A

Additional Info:

Bot Stats (applies to both “Caige” and “Caige_Masked”):

Aggressiveness: 0.35
Accuracy: -0.50
Combat Style: 0.00
Strafing Ability: 0.69
Tactics: 0.51
Reaction Time: 0.01
Jumpiness: 0.00
Weapon Preference: Link Gun

Note: The above info was gleaned from the Bot Config info in-game using the “Edit" option. I had to fiddle slightly with the abilities and hit "Reset" to see the numbers, so while I tried to get it as close as possible, I'm not vouching for 100% accuracy, here.

Bot Use: 2 (“Caige”); 3 (“Caige_Masked”)

“Caige” and “Caige_Masked” are playable in Single-player mode. You might also be able to recruit them as teammates, too.


Romulus is one of my favorite characters in “UT2003/2004”, and I always like it when I see cool new skins for his and Remus’s model (MercMaleB). In this review, I’m going examine “Caige” by Slaughter.

The Good:

This skins comes with two faces, one unmasked, the other masked (that’s one of the coolest things about the Romulus/Remus model – the removable facemask!). The unmasked version has a nice face (according to Slaughter, Caige’s face is modeled after that of actor Nicholas Cage...now you know where this skin’s name is derived from!). The Caige_Masked variation is the same, except that he’s wearing a really cool mask that looks kinda like a respirator.

The body skin - a blue and gold outfit – is pretty cool too. Some parts of it are original-looking, and other parts are the original Romulus/Remus body skin (almost all of them recolored and stuff).

Both Caige and Caige_Masked have four Team Colors (the standard Red and Blue, as well as Green and Gold for CTF4), which replace the default blue (except for the Blue Team skin, which is the exact same). The way the colors are shaded reminds me of PVC vinyl.

Caige and Caige_Masked have cool portraits. They also have Bios written by Yours Truly (don't worry, I’m not counting them in my score since that would be a conflict of interest! *WINKS*).

The Bad:

I’ve personally noticed black lines appearing on Caige’s (the unmasked one’s) face on the places between the upper head and where the facemask would normally be, but I wouldn’t worry about that little visual glitch at all. That’s pretty much the only flaw.

The Bottom Line:

Caige is definitely another winner from Slaughter. Download him today!

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Oct 11, 2005
it's nice, but It does look like Shipjack if you can see it-hey how do you know??:rockon:

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Jun 26, 2004
Quit spamming, especially in this forum; of all places.

Kabs-BUB said:
it's nice, but It does look like Shipjack if you can see it-hey how do you know??

Because, he took the pictures.