UT2003/2004 - Skin – JGreyBear - Ne_Kai

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Starry Might

Skin/Model Name: Ne_Kai
UT(99/2k3/2k4): “Unreal Tournament 2004” (also works in “UT 2003” [*POINTS TO PICTURE*], but you won’t have Team Color heads)
System Requirements: NVidia Geforce 4TI video cards or later (to see the skin’s Shaders, according to the readme. Don’t worry, ATI folks, I have an ATI card and the Shaders work in my game, too!)
Author(s): JGreyBear
Download:SkinCity (6.02 MB)


Model: Damarus/Komek (AlienMaleA)
Voice: Male Alien (which is the same as the default)
Other: N/A

Support (SP/MP/Both): Both (see “Additional Info”)
Support (Team Colors): 2
Known Issues: N/A

Additional Info:

Bot Stats:
Aggressiveness: 1.00
Accuracy: 0.99
Combat Style: 0.90
Strafing Ability: 0.69
Tactics: 2.00
Reaction Time: 2.00
Jumpiness: 0.50
Weapon Preference: Shock Rifle

Note: This info was gleaned from the Bot Config info in-game using the “Edit" option. I had to fiddle slightly with the abilities and hit "Reset" to see the numbers, so while I tried to get it as close as possible, I'm not vouching for 100% accuracy, here.

This skin is playable in Single-player mode. I dunno if you can recruit him as a teammate or not.

Programs Used: According to the readme: “Paintshop 8, uPaint, UnrealEd 3.0.”

Build Time: To quote the readme: “About a month.learning shaders and what not took longest :)

Bot Use: 1


For my latest review, I’ll take a look at “Ne_Kai”, a skin for Damarus/Komek by a fellow named JGreyBear.

The Good:

The skin is called “Ne_Kai”, but the actual character is named “Falassion” in his Bio and in-game. He’s supposed to be half-Gen Mo’kai and half-Nali. In practice, he looks kinda like a reptilian baboon. (LOL – but then again, so does Motig…only Motig doesn’t have fur.) The skin itself is nicely done. He wears some interesting armor – the metal parts have an interesting shiny Shader on them (I think that a game level is reflected in it, but I’m not sure which one, if any), and there’s also some blue stuff that looks like the lines of a circuit board, too.

“Falassion” has Red and Blue Team Colors (but not CTF4 ones). The screenshot doesn’t show it (since the pictures are from “UT 2003”), but the skin has Team Color heads, too. “Falassion” wears a facemask when he’s on the Blue Team, making it the more interesting of the two TC heads, IMO.

He has a portrait (showing him communicating in DM-TokaraForest). He also has a Bio (built into the .upl) – basically, he’s a mysterious half-breed who is from Tokara Forest and is seeking vengeance for the people of his tribe.

The Bad:

Just a few things. His four nostrils (!) may be considered a little freaky. Also, he doesn’t have four arms like the Nali (giving him four arms would have entailed making a modified Damarus/Komek model, though…). The Bio could use a little polish, too (it says “ppl” instead of “people”, for example). Finally, he has a bit of blackness on his face where the model’s tube things have been erased.

The Bottom Line:

This is the first male Gen Mo’kai skin that I really liked. Download him today!


Random Elite

Put your feet up and frag.
Jul 9, 2005
Since it's his first skin, I'll go easy.
Armour is good
Face dosen't look scary enough, but then again, Nalis aren't exactly scary material...


Bleed Black
Apr 28, 2005
Random Elite said:
Since it's his first skin, I'll go easy.
Armour is good
Face dosen't look scary enough, but then again, Nalis aren't exactly scary material...

It's not a Nali, but a Gen Mo'Kai ;)
I'll give it a 8/10 - Pretty cool skin IMO, but lacks of originality.. Maybe if the color of his flesh was something else but.. whatever that color is (pink'ish)
At least there's team colors.


sex boobs nude
Feb 7, 2004
Great more reviews. :)

Well I say this is one of the better half of skins. When I first saw it I just had to download it. Indeed a cool idea making him monkey like, but the armor is not that pretty and looks a little more like a texture sprayed over his skin. His spec shader is too eyecatching/dominating for my taste, making it a little more subtle would do it for me.

This one deserves a solid 7/10.