UT - Skin - Duke Nukem

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What do you think of this skin?

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Name: Duke Nukem
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament
Author: Mark Turner
Download: SkinCity - 559.40 KB


Model: Male Soldier (original)
Animations: Original
Team Colours (None/2/4): 4
# of skins: 1
# of faces: 3
Type of Installation: Manual
Known Issues: none
Additional Info:
#It`s Duke!!!!
#Get the Duke Voicepack for the most fun in DM matches

Duke Nukem - Let`s duke it out on the Battlefield

Duke3D was one of the first "better" FPS (First Person Shooter) and his great and funny taunts are still unforgotten. Unfortunately the sequel (Duke4Ever) has gone M.I.A. So it has been a nice move to make a great skin for Unreal Tournament.

The Facts:
Duke truly transforms DeathMatches into DukeMatches! This is one of my favorite custom skins, due it had quite a lot detail, sharp textures and a cool familiar design!
Sadly there has not been made a SinglePlayer campaing for him. If a skin deserved it then it would be this one!

The Pros:
+ 3 different faces with a different mood
+ complete 4 team support
+ It`s the real Duke!
+ TC`s can be recognized easily
+ It`s the real Duke!!!

The Cons:
- I don`t like the red shoulder pads with the TCs, a neutral color (eg black) would have been better IMO
- The smiling face looks a little bit weird to me
- The logo on the back is a little bit too big or should have entirely been left out. But that`s just my personal taste.

The Bottom Line:
This has been one of my All-Time favorites in my "Unreal Tournament Addict"-time. I really suggest to get the additional Duke Voicepack and then "Get some".

A rocking TOTAL SCORE: 8.25/10
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ME2 Lover
Nov 5, 2005
Milky way
I played a lot with Duke Nukem 3D.
And I was very glad to play with Duke skin in UT99.

A score of 9/10 for me ( nostalgia, but good skins for ut99)