UT(99) - Skin - Larathiel - Elven Princess

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Starry Might

Skin/Model Name: Elven Princess
UT (99/2k3/2k4): “Unreal Tournament” (“UT ‘99”)
System Requirements: N/A
Author(s): {xDxEx}Larathiel
Download: SkinCity (944.6 KB)


Model: Female Commando
Voice: Default
Other: N/A

Support (SP/MP/Both): Multiplayer and Practice modes only
Support (Team Colors): 4
Known Issues: None

Additional Info:

This skin has 5 faces: “None”, “0Red”, “1Blue”, “2Green” and “3Gold”. Why the odd names? I’ll explain this in the actual review.

This was once a Clan skin for the “XXX Death Elves”, but that clan no longer exists, so contrary to the readme, you don’t have to worry about getting caught online with it. (*WINKS*)

Build Time: To quote the “readme.htm” file, “Making this skin, my first for any game, spanned several human life-times. Or at least that's how long it has seemed ;-)”. (Heh.)


Lately, I’ve been beginning to dust off and play the original “Unreal Tournament”. It’s still a great game, especially considering that it was released way back in November of 1999!

I own tons of cool skins and models for this game. For my first review of a skin/model for the original “UT”, I’ll be looking at Larathiel’s “Elven Princess” skin for the Female Commando.

According to the “readme.htm” file, Larathiel (who’s actually a dude despite his feminine online nickname) created this skin ‘cause he loves Elves (who doesn’t? Well, maybe Dwarf fans, LOL… *WINKS*). This skin is inspired by Deedlit, an Elven princess from the Anime series “Record of Lodoss War” (which I’ve never seen). He chose to make this skin for the Female Commando ‘cause it was the best model for the job in his opinion. However, since he couldn’t make an exact replica of Deedlit due to the model’s shape and limitations, he had to take some artistic license with it (the “readme.htm” has all the gory details).

The Good:

If Link and Zelda of “Legend of Zelda” fame ever married and had a daughter, she would probably look like this when she grows up. (*GRINS*) As I’ve said, though, this skin is inspired by Deedlit, and it’s well-made.

The Elven Princess wears a green tunic with gold trim, a teal breastplate with gold decorative stuff on it, a belt with a gold buckle around her waist, a brown backpack, and brown boots that have a colorful plate thingy on the front of each of them that color-coordinates with the breastplate. If you look at her backside, you can see her hair painted on it, tucked behind the backpack. She must work out a lot, ‘cause her arms and legs are somewhat muscular (not exactly a typical Elven trait, but oh well...).

The Elven Princess has five faces. The only actual difference between the faces is the color of the sleeves. Since the Female Commando’s arms are actually part of her face texture, they don’t change when you change Team Colors:
readme.htm said:
I didn't think it would look right for an elven princess' tunic to be without sleeves. The only problem with putting sleeves on the F/C is that for some bizarre reason, the arm textures are in the same file as the face texture, and as we all know, the face texture does not change with the team color. Sooooo, for the sake of making the tunic look right, I made 5 different face textures all with the same actual face, but with sleeves colored appropriately for each team color plus the no-team color.
Personally, I think you could always pretend that the tunic is sleeveless and that the sleeves are part of an undergarment. (*WINKS*)

As for her actual facial appearance (same for all 5 faces), it’s is actually a heavy modification of the stock Necris skin’s “Freylis” face. She has blonde hair, a decorative crown thingy on her forehead, exotic blue-greenish eyes, and pink lips.

All four Team Colors are available, and they affect the color of the tunic (except the sleeves – see above), the breastplate, and the plates on the boots, replacing the green and teal with the following colors:

Red: Pink and red, respectively.

Blue: Light blue and blue, respectively.

Green: Light green (different shade than the Default) and green, respectively.

Gold: White and gold (different shade than the decorative gold), respectively.

The faces that appear in the chat box are of the original character of Deedlit. The color of her outfit is different depending on which face you’re using.

The Bad:

If you’re looking for a skin that looks exactly like Deedlit, this may not be for you. But, then again, this is also the closest thing to a skin of Deedlit that’s available (that I know of) for “UT”...

That’s all I can think of, really.

The Bottom Line:

Even though the model structure and quirks of the Female Commando model kept Larathiel from making this look as much like Deedlit as he would have liked, this is still a lovely and well-made skin. If you still play the original “UT”, then check out this skin (especially if you want to add a touch of medieval fantasy to your game)!


Turret 49

Doomer at heart
Jun 26, 2004
Kabs-BUB, don't forget this is for the original Unreal Tournament, not Unreal Tournament 2004.