"UT 2004" Skin Review: "Kolman" by Slaughter (Brock Skin)

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Starry Might

Kolman - DOWNLOAD (1.7 MB), SkinCity
(NOTE: A newer version of this skin is now available! Please see the end of this review for details!)

Author: Slaughter (a.k.a. TheSlaughter)
Model: Brock (MercMaleC)
Team Colors: 2
Online-Friendly?: Yes (he doesn’t have any Custom Species and/or Voicepacks that would complicate things)
Can Be Used in "UT 2004's" Single-Player Mode?: No
Can Be Recruited in "UT 2004's" Single-Player Mode?: TBD
Made For: “Unreal Tournament 2004” (works just fine in “UT 2003”...*POINTS TO THE SCREENSHOTS IN THE PICTURE*)

Bot Stats:
Aggressiveness: 0.00
Accuracy: 0.01
Combat Style: 0.00
Strafing Ability: 0.01
Tactics: 0.01
Reaction Time: 0.01
Jumpiness: 0.00
Weapon Preference: None

Note: There are no Bot Stats in the .upl - this info was gleaned from the Bot Config info in-game using the “Edit" option. I also had to fiddle slightly with the abilities and hit "Reset" to see the numbers, so I'm not vouching for 100% accuracy here.

Bot Use: 0 (no such string exists in the .upl)


To help kick off my skin/model reviewing career, I’m gonna review one of my favorite skins EVER. This is “Kolman”, a nice-looking (in more ways than one…) skin for the Brock model by Slaughter (one of my favorite skin and model authors).

The Good:
My favorite part of this skin is by FAR the face…what a handsome guy! I own other male skins with nice faces, but Kolman is definitely the cream of the crop, IMHO. Move over, Brock! (And in case you’re wondering...yes, I’m a female. *WINKS*)

Body-wise, his armor is a nice, military-flavored recolor of Brock’s armor. Between the exposed parts and the armored parts of his arms are Greith’s bandages.

On the Team Color front, he has Red and Blue Team Colors (no CTF4 support, though). The colors are bright (original “Unreal Tournament”-style), and they’re located on his torso (not the entire breast-plate, though), the “accent” parts of the armored parts of his arms and legs, and his (*AHEM*) crotch-plate.

The Bad:
Unfortunately, there are some quirks and flaws with this skin.

First of all, I’ve noticed that there’s an extra “skin” named “Hadrian” that comes with Kolman. I say “skin”, ‘cause it’s not really a skin at all. "Hadrian" has no portrait at all (there’s a question mark instead), and a quick look at the .upl and the texture file (in “UnrealEd”) reveals that there’s no second face...he would look exactly the same as Kolman. What the heck?! Personally, though, I consider these two to be one and the same: “Kolman” (the name he goes by in the Tournament) is his last name and “Hadrian” is his first name (he looks like a “Hadrian” to me...*GRINS*).

Second, see the white boxes on the Blue Team color skin in the action shots? I believe Slaughter was trying to alpha-mask those off the model, but obviously, something went wrong with the Blue Team skin. (And sure enough, a quick peak at the Texture file in “UnrealEd” reveals that the Blue Team skin wasn’t alpha-masked at all. Oops.)

Third, the portrait is quite nice, but it doesn’t show up in-game. (I hate when that happens.)

And finally, he has no Bio, and if you’ve made one up for him, you’d have to alter the .upl file to add a “Text=XPlayers.Kolman” (no quotation marks) line so that you can give him one that’ll show up in-game, sadly. I’ve made up one of my own Bio for him, BTW:
Kolman=Name: Hadrian Kolman|Age: 25|Race: Human||Data:|The youngest of Jihan Nyhn's bodyguards, Kolman chose *NOT* to follow Brock, Lauren, and the others into the Tournament after Nyhn's death.||Recently, he has decided to enter the Tournament to try and track down his old friends. He is known for calmly doing whatever needs to be done in any given situation, and this has served him extremely well in Tournament team-based games, making him a very popular teammate.||His stunningly handsome face and amiable personality has made him very popular among the female Tournament-viewing demographic, too. He doesn't know it, but he is secretly admired by Satin...||
If you can spot the references to the original “Unreal Tournament’s” single-player mode in the Bio, give yourself 1,337 points. (*HEH*) Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, Satin is the player model I use in “UT 2003/2004”.

The Bottom Line:
Despite the flaws, Kolman is still a definite winner in my book. If Slaughter were to fix the problems I pointed out, though, this skin would be an even bigger winner.

Download him today!

Score: 8/10

New version now available! (2.7 MB, Skincity)
Click here for a picture of the newer version.
In response to my review, Slaughter took Kolman and updated him. Everything that I pointed out in "The Bad" is now fixed, he's playable in Single-player mode now, his Bot abilities are now identical to Brock's, his favorite weapon is the Shock Rifle (he had no preference before), he now has a Bio (which is the one that Yours Truly made up for him ;)), and in addition to the Red and Blue Team Colors, he now has Green and Gold Team Colors for CTF4, too. The old score still stands (since this review concerns the original version), but if I were to review this skin (not counting the Bio, since I wrote it, and that would be a conflict of interest, wouldn't it?), I would give it an 8.5/10. Go get it, for Pete's sake! :D
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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland

Any UT2k4 species that's derived from the Human can be selectable in Single Player. That'd be Human, Egypt, Jugg, Merc and Night. Custom species are allowed as the playable character too. Also the character must have Menu="SP" in the .upl to be available in Single Player (apart from using the Instant Action bot roster where everything's selectable regardless). If a skin/model has Menu="SP" it can be the player's character even if it's a robot, alien, etc. Bots do not need this entry to be selectable in the Bot Roster they just need to be one of the aforementioned species (not custom). <-- Thanks MäxX

There is also a limit on how many characters are actually selectable in Single Player from what I've seen so, depending on how many models/skins are installed you may not see them all.

However, now I'm wondering will they actually show up as opponents regardless :confused:

The only differences between UT2k3 and UT2k4 with regard the models that are in both is that...

A. UT2k3 does not allow team faces. TeamFace=1 in the .upl will have no effect. If a skin's got them in 2k4 it might look crappy without them in 2k3.

B. upl files that have the bio written in them will work in 2k4 but won't in 2k3 (so no bio) - I'm pretty sure on that though I no longer have 2k3 installed to check this. Anyone ever tried a 2k4 skin in 2k3 and checked the bio (if it's written in the upl?)

C. bJumpy in 2k3 was replaced by Jumpiness in 2k4 so they'll play differently depending on what entry has been used. In other words bJumpy has no effect in 2k4 and Jumpiness has no effect in 2k3.

D. Some upl files will have Onslaught weapons as the favourite weapon. Needless to say this won't work in 2k3 (should have no effect I guess)

That's all I can think of for now.
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Feb 16, 2004

All Bugs have been removed and 2 Teamcolors have been added:D
He´s got Starry Mights Bio,i fixed the SP-thing and changed his bot-abilitys.
Sad will get the file soon.
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Starry Might

Very interesting stuff, klasnic and MäxX, even though I'm still a little confused as to whether that means Kolman would show up in "UT 2004's" Single-Player (I'll keep it at "TBD" until I get a 100% clear confirmation). Thanks.

TheSlaughter said:

All Bugs have been removed and 2 Teamcolors have been added:D
He´s got Starry Mights Bio,i fixed the SP-thing and changed his bot-abilitys.
Sad will get the file soon.


Thanks, Slaughter! You rock! :2thumb:

(BTW, Kolman looks really sexy in that pic you posted... :D *SAVES*)

Originally posted by |M|[_-Seven-_]
Hey Slaughter, did u make another face for Hadrian?? Or did u just remove that alltogether?..
I'm thinking he may have removed it all together for his update...which is fine by me, since like I said in the review, "Kolman" (the name he goes by in the Tournament" is his last name and "Hadrian" is his first name. (Also see the Bio I made up for him in my review.)


ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
TheSlaughter said:
That´s what reviews are for:lol:

We should keep the old Score...
If a skin is updated we can post the update in it´s review thread so the people always get the newest version.:)

Aah cool. Another excellent idea. :rockon:
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Starry Might

"Kolman 1.1" is now available (please see the review for details)!

Once again, Slaughter, you da man! :2thumb:

Just one question, though...did you make Kolman's favorite weapon the Shock Rifle because that happens to be Satin's favorite weapon, too? :D (*TITTERS*)