UT 2003/2004 - Skin - Flytag - Necris Loque

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Starry Might

Skin/Model Name: Necris Loque
UT(99/2k3/2k4): “Unreal Tournament 2004” (and probably “UT 2003”, too)
System Requirements: N/A
Author(s): Flytag
Download: SkinCity (3.10 MB)


Model: Wraith/Torch (MercMaleA)
Voice: Default
Other: N/A

Support (SP/MP/Both): Both (see “Additional Info”)
Support (Team Colors): 4
Known Issues: N/A

Additional Info:

Bot Stats:

Aggressiveness: 0.80
Accuracy: 2.00
Combat Style: 1.00
Strafing Ability: 2.00
Tactics: 2.00
Reaction Time: 2.00
Jumpiness: 0.00
Weapon Preference: Lightning Gun

Note: The above info was gleaned from the Bot Config info in-game using the “Edit" option. I had to fiddle slightly with the abilities and hit "Reset" to see the numbers, so while I tried to get it as close as possible, I'm not vouching for 100% accuracy, here.

Bot Use: 1

“Loque” is playable in the Single Player mode. You may be able to recruit him as a teammate, too.



Utter this name to people who have played the original “Unreal Tournament”, and you’ll likely hear about how scary and awesome this guy is. A Practice mode (the original “UT’s” equivalent of “UT 2003/2004’s” Instant Action mode) Bot that was introduced in a later “UT” patch, Loque used the “Male Commando” model, the “Necris” skin, and the “Grail” face. The reason he’s so revered and feared is because his Accuracy is maxed out by default (*INSERT “EEK” SMILEY HERE*).

I personally have never been 0wned by Loque myself (due to my tendency to customize most of the Bots), but I nonetheless give him his due respect based on what I’ve read and stuff.

Flytag, known for his excellent Necris skins, has recreated this (in)famous character for “UT 2004”. This isn’t the first time Loque’s been recreated, but as we’ll see, this skin is the best incarnation of him to date.

The Good:

This is a very well-made skin. My favorite part is the face. It doesn’t look like the original “UT” character, but in this case, that’s actually a good thing. The original Loque has the “Grail” face (like I mentioned earlier), which, frankly, is about as attractive as a festering sore…



Announcer: HEADSHOT!!


Yikes! Sorry!

HOWEVER, Flytag’s Loque is on the opposite end of the looks spectrum, and is quite handsome, actually. (*GRINS*) He has black hair with a white highlight in it (a la the late FreekBoyG’s “Damneron” skin), black stuff around his eyes that makes him look like he’s wearing a mask, and chin hair.

Loque’s body armor is based upon the later work of FreekBoyG, namely the aforementioned “Damneron” and the “Necris Skinpack 1’s” male skins (Damneron and an updated “Graves”).

He’s got Team Color support (Red and Blue, as well as Green and Gold for CTF4), so he’s ready for any team-based game you wish to have him in.

He’s got a portrait (with the green ‘n’ purple stuff that was FreekBoyG’s trademark for his “UT 2003” Necris skins), and a nice Bio built into the .upl file.

The Bad:

The only real problem with this skin is that all his Bot Stats except Aggressiveness and Jumpiness are completely maxed out. You know what that means…


The Bottom Line:

Another great skin from Flytag. Download this notorious Necris warrior today…if you dare!