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Urban Map dev - Suggestions WANTED

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by RaekwoN, Aug 18, 1999.

  1. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest

    Ok, I have recently dumped my other Urban map idea, it was simply too large and had too many polys, anyway...

    I am seeking suggestions once again on the following aspects:

    - Architecture
    - Interesting Combat situations
    - Different types of cover
    - Decoration, small details etc.

    Just ideas from anywhere, real life, other urban maps would be awesome, thanks.

    -= RaekwoN =-
  2. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest

    Forgot...the suggestions wanted are for an Urban map, anything is welcome.

    Thanks all.
  3. Hodag

    Hodag Guest

    I want a parking garage...

    Oh Great... another Mac
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's always great to play in a real environment so try to make it VERY realistic. Have you ever played Rainbow 6? The first map is just great! (Nearly perfect for classic and any kind of DM)
  5. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest


    Parking garage good idea.
    Yes have played Rainbow 6 heaps, partly the reason for doing urban. First level I can't remember wasn't it the embassy?
  6. Matthias

    Matthias Guest

    Maybe you could do some surprise crap such as a pothole in the ground that you can hide in and break out when you see someone. Or maybe an airplane mover that soars over the level at a low altitude, what would be really interesting is 1 on each side of the level and by some quirk of a chance they are both manned at once. 2 people on top of planes firing at each other with some live fire from the ground would be really cool to see, although the planes would have to fly extremely slow. One thing I want to know is HOW DID THE PERSON THAT MADE PARANOID2 DO THAT CANNON THINGY!?!?!

  7. Sledgehammer

    Sledgehammer Guest

    How about a level based on a Dam??

    I'm doing my own at the minute, but afer it's released you could try one of your own if you don't like mine. (I hope you will, though) /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

    Also, how about a simple urban scene with the lights out??? A sort of Urban INfiltrtion Darkmatch??
  8. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest

    Yeah I actually have started my own Dam level, but got about 60% done and realised that it was too small and poly count was too high to make it playable.

    If I do re-do it I think I will concentrate more on it bieng inside and on top of the dam, prob is I have only been inside a few, and I'm not really familiar with the architecture. Any ideas on that front would be appreciated, I will check yours out though.

    The plane idea is a little, well dodgy, if the planes were movers they would have to suddenly appear in the distance, and the fact that they would be moving real slow, cancels out the possibility, nice suggestion though, very creative.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes, the first R6 mission is the embassy
  10. Hodag

    Hodag Guest

    How about a Coast Guard boarding action?

    Oh Great... another Mac
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A parking garage would really be great.
    How about Saddams palace? Would be great for Classic, too! Get into the palace, grab the CD and get the hell out of it.

    Or what about creating suburbs? A peaceful looking street with houses and trees...and bodies.

    A training level. You know these targets that fall down if you hit them? Would be great.

    Have you watched Starship Troopers?
    The training level where the mobile infantry trains with these weapons that paralyse the enemy. Great for tactical movement.
  12. Sledgehammer

    Sledgehammer Guest

    The Dam I'm building isn't ultra realistic, but it serves it's purpose.

    It's really shaping up now, there's a place where you can jump like 200 feet into a pool of water where there is a busted pipe in the process of being fixed.

    The cover in front of the Dam consists of the pipes and some moved earth. There's a lift up the outside of the dam for entering, and a lift down the inside for the 'bots to exit (I just dive off the side of the Dam). As well as that, there is a viewing window on the inside of the dam where you can see the people swimming around.

    The CD is placed on a raft in the middle of the lake, which surprisingly is as easy to attack as to defend. I thought the people in the water would be sitting ducks, but the texture I am using and the general darkness of the level adds to the cover. Besides if you want cover, jus swim deeper.

    The map will hopefully be available at the weekend, I'll try and finish it. I'm currently trying to get the 'bots to use the lifts properly, as I have no previous experience of using lifts in a 'botmatch level. Oh well.

    Apart forom that, the map is about 95% ready, all I need to do is add sounds to the lifts.
    I'm trying to keep the polys down, so the map should be a reasonable size.
    Anyway, see y'all
  13. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest

    Neo, the Starship Troopers level is just the sort of level I have been looking to make for a few days now. I was trying to think of something like that for ages, but couldn't for the life of me. It will be fast, reasonably detailed, and awesome fun I gaurantee, i'm off to start planning.

    Sledge the dam sounds good, be interested to see it when it comes out. My urban map should be available next week, just noding etc to do.
  14. satomi

    satomi Guest

    What about a standoff mod with a setup somewhat like the waco complex. Complete with fences and small buildings around a tower and large two story building.
  15. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest

    Not a bad idea, send me a photo or plan etc. We didn't get much media coverage of waco, I'm from australia, we really didn't worry about it all that much, anyway yeah send a photo or map or what ever you've got to


    And I'll consider...
  16. profit

    profit Guest

    Ruby ridge would be even sweeter.... forest all around.... then a house in th middle....

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