UnWheel for UT3

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Foregone Destruction
Jan 20, 2008
Hi folks,:)

As the title it says,I wanna ask you guys if you are working on the UnWheel mod for UT3 (already) Or do you plan to make the mod and plan your ideas and the other things,just curious,I liked the mod for UT2004 and now,where UT3 has such high power and beauty,there are some very nice things possible,isn't it.=]


Nicholas 'ProjectX' Udell - UnWheel Maps
Jan 9, 2004
Right behind you.
Nice one Steve, make em work for us!

I think Kismet hates me, it's as if I insinuated something about it's mother or something. Everything I try to do takes me three times longer than it should (and I have a decent grounding in the way systems like Kismet work too), ahh well, I'll chalk that down for experience.