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UE3 - General Unreal Script Programmer Wanted

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by ZeJudge, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. ZeJudge

    ZeJudge New Member

    Sep 30, 2009
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    UT3 Scripter/Mapper.

    A programmer is needed with sufficent knowledge to support this game using the UT3 Editor and UTscript.

    The experience on your portfolio after aiding the team will no-doubt be recognised in the games industry as your name and website will be on the credits and game website along with ours, the design team.

    Main aim for the UT3 Programmer is to create a working simulation of the fluid movement which will be the environment. The environment must also be controlable by the player. (See below for details and reference)
    Contact: jonathan.savery@ntlworld.com
    MSN: Jon2002uk@hotmail.com

    Game type: Puzzle, First Person.
    Scenery: Cubic environment, structures within the overall cube.
    Style: Clean, reflective and fluid movement of environment.

    Project Qube

    The player must reach the end of level by any means possible (primarily by controlling the environment) but to prevent this obstacles will be in the way (puzzle elements, 3d jigsaws). At each level the player starts off in a cube, made up of hundreds of other cubes (which are the walls, ceiling, floor) which can be moved by the player's control to their advantage.

    Style of the game:

    Sleek, clean and polished environments. Basic colours but with slightly refelective surfaces.

    Special Abilites:

    The player will be given special control gloves that can be used to manipulate the 'qubic' environment - this is done by dragging out 'qubes' from the floor, walls and ceiling. The player will use these 'qubes' to solve puzzles or destroy static enemies and to advance to the next stages of a level.


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