UE2 - UT2kX UC2 - StaticMesh decopmpilation

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Mar 15, 2015
I've been looking around the net if anyone has figured this out yet for a looong time, and it sounds like you've finally had some success VendorX?
As I'm not a really a programmer myself, I can't contribute. :( (I work as a 3d artist)

I mainly would like to get my hands on the third person melee weapon models, as they are StaticMeshes. any luck with decompressing the .usx files yet? Gildor has pretty much stopped/given up trying to figure out the StaticMesh files for UC2.

I've been searching high and low without any luck.
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Unreal tournament mod dude
Jan 23, 2008
If someone can program stuff I can add first person animations to the melee weapons and additionally make the UC2 weapons, I'm sure they are easier than what I did on 2341
if someone is interested
Though I (We?)need them as obj files though, I also wonder if Umodel can't do anything regarding this some people knows how to use it ...