Tip: Server Not Changing Maps

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You Give Odie a Boner
Nov 19, 2001
Austin Texas
So trying to get a UT99/Infiltration server running when no one has done it in some time is a challenge. All I had was my local Infiltration Game, which proved to be lacking for a server. I ended up grabbing the Infiltration CE release and using it to update my server. Then I realized it was running UT99 436, so I updated to 451b. There is a site that has released up to v469d but that caused a error that is "mouse wheel" or something like that - so that was a bust.

Anyways, no matter what I could not get the server to travel / change maps (go to next level). In the logging I would get "ProcessServerTravel: ?Restart". I finally found this tip
If you click on the "MapList" button you will see a two section window.
The lefthand window gives you a "Not Cycled" list of maps from you UnrealTournament/Maps directory (folder) that will not be running in the map cycle list.
The righthand window shows the "Maps Chosen" to be run in the map cycle list.
To move maps from one window section to the other just highlight and double click (or just double click) on the Map's Name and it will jump to the other window section.
If you click on the "Mutators" button, the two section window for mutators will appear using the same format as the map cycle list we talked about above.
The "Auto Change Levels" box...
You need to have this box checked if you want your server to change maps automatically at the end of each game level (map), it will follow the map cycle list you set up.

But I could not find any checkbox like this on the WebAdmin screen for the Map list setup. Finally I found what was missing that needs to be in Infiltration.ini file:

Finally, my server changes maps. Not sure what all heading it needs to be in... I just plugged it in different places.