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The Almost-Official Skinning Guide! (Sticky)

Discussion in 'Infiltration Development' started by Saladin, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Saladin

    Saladin Fez Toting Warrior!

    Jul 25, 2002
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    (There is also document saved as a *.TXT File at the end of this post. However, this post is probably easier on your eyes to read.)

    Skinning For Newbies

    A sorta' concise guide to skinning camos in a Windows environment for Infiltration, a modification to Unreal Tournament.

    **Basic "Photoshop skills" are needed.


    -Open Unreal Editor (goto your unreal Tournament shortcut set, it should be there)

    -Open the texture browser (the button between the eye and the speaker on the top toolbar --- the icon looks like a painting.)

    -Now that it is opened, you should see something that says botpack, scroll down to INF_cCamos[yourcamo choice to work off- artic is a good one] --- this can also be done by going to File>Open>[UT]/infiltration/textures/camos, and selecting a texture file.

    -When you see the images appear (there should be 6) right click on them, and export them all to wherever you want. Do not rename them, it doesnt matter, but it will help you remember the naming standard.

    -Close UED.

    -Open Photoshop.

    -Open the image files--There are 6,and the list below tells what they are of.

    [xxx=camo name]

    Arm_xxx = 1st person view of your arm

    Arms_xxx = 3rd person view of arms and shoes

    Legs_xxx = 3rd person view of legs

    Torso_xxx_Boonie = 3rd person view of torso of player with boonie and the boonie hat itself

    Torso_xxx_Cap = 3rd person view of torso of player with cap and the cap itself.

    Torso_xxx_CapSpecialist = 3rd person view of torso of specialist, specialist wears a cap always. The specialist is usually distinguished from the other players by wearing a unique black vest.

    Torso_xxx_Helmet = 3rd person view of torso of player with helmet and the helmet itself.


    -Copy and paste each file you make into a new file.

    -Edit the file by using a combination layer modes.

    -Save as *.PSD so you can go back later and fix it if/when it messes up.

    -Go to Image>Mode>Index color, and choose something with 256 colors like local (perceptual, selective,
    or adaptive.

    -Save as a *.PCX file, make sure the name you save it as correlates with the name scheme
    the file was exported as like Torso_YOURCAMONAME_Helmet.pcx

    NOTE: make sure it doesnt save the psd with the indexed mode- layers are now merged you cant
    go back if you do and close the file.


    -Open UED

    -Open the texture browser again.

    -Goto File>New and fill it in like this:

    Package = INF_cCamos[your camo name without brackets]

    Group = Leave this blank.

    Name = Anything you want to name it.

    Class = Leave it as it is.

    Width/Height = should be 256x256


    -Hit OK to close that window

    -A new window will pop up asking you how you want your fire texture made, hit OK again.

    -Now goto File>Import

    -Select ALL 7 skin files (*.PCX files) and hit OK.

    -A window will appear now asking you how to name the texture,
    just hit Ok To All.

    -Delete that useless fire texture by right clicking on it and hitting delete,and agreeing to its delete.

    -Go to File>Save and save it in [UT]/infiltration/textures/camos.

    -Go ahead and save it again. In my experiance, sometimes UED messes up, and it doesn't save fully. When you try playing it in game, it looks like a mix of different camos, like artic arms, black legs, etc.


    Now to make the *.INT so it will show up as an available camo in infiltration.

    -Open up Notepad.

    -Copy this in, and use the key below it to edit it.


    * = The color of the gear, which is either black or green.
    [Replace "*" with BL for black or GR for green.]

    ** = The end of the filename of the texture file (*.utx) this does not include the INF_cCamos part of the filename.
    [Replace "**" with the end of the texture file name.]

    *** = The name of the camo as it would appear in game.
    [Replace "***" with the ingame name of the camo.]


    A sample version would look like this: [Artic Skin with black gear]



    -Save the file as whatever you want to name it, but with a *.INT extention
    (i.e. Artic.INT) make sure it is saved in the [UT]/system directory!!

    -Make sure the file was not saved as [filename].INT.TXT. If it was, just remove the .TXT ending, and agree to the change. If it does not have the normal icon for a .*TXT file, don't worry about it. By defualt, *.INT files usually don't have a system icon associated with them, just a white page with either a window on it or the windows logo on it.

    NOTE: seeing the extention is not enabled by defualt, so simply goto your folder options and enable viewing extentions for known files. To get to folder options you open any folder, and goto view>folder options, or tools>folder options on newer versions
    of windows.


    -Run Infiltration, select the skin, and try it out!

    -Repeat previous steps if its not to your liking ingame.


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