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...Tabletop Gaming

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Trynant, May 2, 2010.

  1. Trynant

    Trynant Manic Brawler

    Jan 31, 2002
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    EDIT: God dammit, this was meant for the thread in the Gaming section. derp.

    Imma going to bump this thread. Sorry, here's a video to make you happier:


    Anyways, I spent half a week playing a bunch of boardgames and I remembered this thread. Time for a


    *cough* anyways,

    King of Tokyo
    This is a fun party game. You're a monster in Tokyo. You fight other monsters. First to 20 points or last monster standing wins. Need there be any more said? You roll dice and play cards and move your standup Cyber Bunny against King-Kong and Cthulu wannabes and have a fun, silly time. And the game lasts for at most half an hour. Fun fact: this was made by the creator of Magic the Gathering (but don't worry, this is much more fun :p).

    Flash Duel
    A game made by that fighting-game dick personality, David Sirlin. It's a rip-off of an older game called En Garde!, but that doesn't make this 5-15 minute filler game any worse. You and your opponent have your pieces lined up on a track and play cards to move and strike at eachother. First person to land a hit wins. Good game about distancing. Also has lots of different game modes and such. And it's not that expensive compared to many games. Good stuff.

    Dungeon Lords
    This is a fun game in of the 'worker-placement' variety. You know that videogame Dungeon Keeper from way-back-when? Imagine if it got turned into a boardgame and this might be the result. You're a titular dungeon lord trying to build the best dungeon within a couple of years, but at the end of every year some annoying adventurers try to ransack your dungeon. The game does some cool things, but it's definitely not a beginner/gateway game like Catan is. Worth playing though.

    Space Alert
    One of my top 5 board games. If you like the notion of cooperative play over player versus player, grab this. You will be playing with your friends as a crew on a Sitting Duck class space-ship trying to fight off aliens and cosmic hazards for ten minutes. The twist is that these ten minutes are played in real time via a CD soundtrack that will shout out various events and dangers at you. Play your cards and survive! The soundtrack element to this game creates an unique and wonderful time. Also, the game can be played in half an hour; although you will want to play more than once. Seriously good fun.

    Earth Reborn
    My number 1 board game. Imagine X-COM's tactical battles turned boardgame and you might get this. Each player commands their own team of unique characters and battle through various scenarios on a board that you'll construct out of various floor tiles (there's even a scenario auto-generator for near-infinite playability). Guns will be shot, zombies will be raised, mines will be blown up, and one guy will need to take a dump (I'm not making this up). The best part of all this is that the great and cheesy post-apocalyptic zombies-versus-marines theme has great gameplay behind all of it. A true gem of a game.

    Twilight Struggle
    A card-driven-game (CDG) about the Cold War. One side is US, the other is USSR. Each player is going to be playing cards as either events that cause things to happen or as operations to spread their superpower's influence across the world. This is the number-one-ranked game on boardgamegeek.com, but I never got a chance to finish a full game of it. I had fun from the little I've played, but it seems to reward repeated plays (this can be hard to pull off sometimes). I'll have to wait and see how it really plays out.

    Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
    This is Sid Meier's Civilization turned into a card game. And somehow this is a good thing. Also rather long and extremely complex; it is a civ game after all. You'll be upgrading your tech, building wonders, managing your workers, maintaining your populace, waging wars, etc. Also I suck at it, but that's okay because the game is still fun to play.

    Mage Knight: Board Game
    Another rather long, rather complex game that is awesome. The problem with this one is that it suffers from Analysis Paralysis (AP); the game will take forever if someone takes too long thinking about their turn. Another player and I decided to sit down and exclude other people from play because the game can drag so much with newbies/slow players. As a result we had a fun four-hour romp as adventurers rampaging across the land trying to out-level eachother. Fun stuff.

    Overall a successful boardgame week. Fun games all around.
    Last edited: May 7, 2012
  2. phil

    phil OH GOD

    Jan 3, 2000
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    I'd be up for some online games of twilight struggle if you want to get your VASSL on or something.

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