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May 2, 2002
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Just a few, to give it more of a feel IMHO:
1: Try to give us a mini-map, i went out to find the enemy base and got lost=\
2:know the top down/top onm an angle veiw in other RTS's? If possible I'd love ot see that,if not this veiw is pretty good.3: in the "crossing" map, i couldnt see the type cause the white sky ahd blocked it,and i couldnt pick NEG.

it was fun, tohugh i need to try it on a better server(devi's was laggy, no offence)

I know tis a beta and this mod can only get better.


Mar 15, 2002
I'll see if i can put a decent server up one my cable connection...
server is up while i'm on the pc, ip=

-> give us easyserverbrowsing, so we dont need to ping the whole lot of servers :(
-> i can't type P in certain menu's, especially in the server settings... Since it's the key binded to teamselection
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