Steele Dawn (most of files recovered) plus misc news

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I did something m0tarded and now I have read only access! :(
May 14, 2006
I'll just link to the OU thread:

Story in short: Two big batches of steele dawn files were found, each having something different. Unfortunately the "proto predators" still remain lost, but it is something. With the intial batch earlier I was able to convert the system files, but with the later batch I was unavaiable as during that time I got kicked out on the street yet again (this time by family even), and in this "new place" there's not even a table for me to set up a machine or enough sockets so I'm doing everything improvised now.

There are two more steeledawn.u versions and steeldawn.u from 220 and the ladder test files that would need conversion still, but I can't do it right now. To make things in order and for those who don't wanna read the OU thread, here are links in order of files recovered/fixed:

dinitial crista forest's recovery ten years ago

plus misc crista stuff

stuff from Doze

the missing predator-like monster is seen here

there's a chance someone else had it but I lost contact during the covid situation with this person

my fixes/converts of doze's versions:

fixed two maps

the last stuff, from dr.sin
steele dawn

unfixed/uncoverted as of yet so you have to launch the stuff in pre-220 and 220 compatible versions if you wanna try everything. There is a lot of unused stuff in the files too, including leftovers from the AWGD addon pack... Unreal Add-on

which will never see the light of day, but you can count this and an unknown pack by Impel Productions into the list of Expansion packs as I listed here:
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