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Some things after playing

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.Mitchell, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Mr.Mitchell

    Mr.Mitchell New Member

    Sep 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I played UnWheel a few times now (on and offline) and I really love it. But there are a few issues I found. BTW: I mostly played Race and Rally, so the things below apply to those gametypes.

    * Sometimes when you use the resume function you spawn on the track in the wrong direction. Sometimes it is hard to see what direction is the correct one so it takes a while before you figure out that you are going the wrong way.

    * It is hard to select a suitable car for a map if you haven't played the map before. This is mainly because you don't know if a map is off-road or completely tarmac or something in between. Selecting the wrong car is especially annoying since you cannot switch to another one during the race. A short description of the map in the same screen as where you select the car would be usefull I think, the description should describe the surface that you will encounter on the track.

    * The "Press fire to start" message is a bit annoying I think. I often forget to press the button, since I already pressed the Select button.

    * The bots can use some work I think. On some maps they don't even start :-(

    * A bit related to the bot stuff. When playing with bots it happens a lot that during the spawning cars are spawned on top of eachother (using normal sized cars, so no Centipede). This is with the amount of bots set to the map default.

    * I think it would be nice if the at the end when you reach the finish that the car does not stop as sudden as now. Right now when I reach the end it feels like I hit a wall. Maybe just remove the control from the user and through code hit the brakes or just release the throttle.

    * Turbo acts a bit weird. When you press the turbo button and keep it pressed (even after it reached empty). The turbo will now fill again. Release the Turbo button when the bar is half-full again and the turbo will fire at releasing the button. So the button seems to be inverted at that time.

    * It would be nice if the turbo sound would play as long as you keep the button pressed and you have a turbo charge. That way you can hear by the sound when the turbo is empty.

    I think that these are the most important things that I found. I really like UnWheel (drifting through a corner is sooo much fun), but I think there are some improvements possible and I hope this feedback helps a bit with it.

    One last thing, some maps could really use a bit more guidance. I don't know the name but for example the one with the glowing mushrooms I find it hard to follow the track (and to find the track back when I missed a turn)
  2. ProjectX

    ProjectX Nicholas 'ProjectX' Udell - UnWheel Maps

    Jan 9, 2004
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    That would be UWRC-Faerie, andI know about it's problems, still it's getting better, albeit slowly.

    I'd like a roaring firey noise for the turbo to match the effect, but we seem to get a fairy woosh, lower the pitch of that by half and it would sound decent.

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