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New Member
Dec 12, 2005

i was wondering... could we possibly see a DEEP beta by the end of the year?
:rolleyes: it would be real nice.....*makes puppy face*
Thank you FreePointz.
We would certainly welcome a test server.

We've been stuffing so much content into this package,
That we do need to test this online throroughly before releasing it.
There is still much work to be done here, but we're all very excited about our projects.

We of course welcome any new friends.
Heh, even more so those that help us push this monster out of drydock.


Team Orbit
Nov 24, 2003
NeoCairo Temples
Cool =)
I got a Amsterdam, Netherlands based UT2004 server, its got 23 ping for europeans, americans should have a decent ping on it aswell. If the package aint too huge i could run it for you and put a pw on it. Its a 14 slot server =)

Drop by at SandRock's Fragnest: Ut2004://


New Member
Jun 25, 2004
My server is temporary right now (it is hosted from my own computer, dedicated server, usually decent ping), I was waiting for Unreal 3 for a permenant server. If you need a server in the U.S. I will gladly host, ip is I need to find web admin passwords again, if I recover them I could easily create an account for you if needed for testing.


Team Orbit
Nov 24, 2003
NeoCairo Temples
If you host the server on your own computer you can change the webadmin info in the .ini cant you? :eek:

Ey free, this is a westcoast server right? Im from europe, got about 150-160 ping. Westcoast ping ;p

PS. didnt see i double posted.
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<- grinning

Yes, well I suspect we'll want to try it out on several configurations. We need to be thorough, because the one you do not test often turns out to be the one that malfunctions.

Heh, wow pick a sig, SandRock. You look like a Spanish Galleon sailing through here with so many, lol!

Hm. Saaay, is that a new "Guardians of NeoCairo" Avatar I see?

BTW people.... I did leave all our previous forum member sigs at the same address, so those signing onto the Beyond Unreal Forums for the first time should easily find them. If you cannot, please IM me directly I wil gladly help.


Unreal Gamer
Jul 21, 2005
ThunderBear said:
before the end of the year?
Heh, I doubt I can commit to that.

I will look through our elements and see.
Maybe we can hand out a limited demo.
No promises though...

I'll know more in about a week.
After we've gone over our latest builds here.
Looks nice on pic,s.
It will be a great mod.
Hm, if memory serves, Darkstar was also the name of John Carpenter's first film. He shot it in college with his buddies. The film made it into theatres, and was for a time available on VHS (don't know if it made it to video). Hilarious, and quite the cult classic imo.

Thank you for the kind words, Darkstar. We'll endeavor to meet your expectations for our release.


Random Scout
Mar 23, 2008
When you relase 1st beta??? I "meet" NeoCario in UT'99 GOTY (very nice mod). Just can't wait for NeoCario UT2k4 version.
Thank you for the kind words on NeoCairo.
Alot of fun making that, and its "turbo version" (80 maps).
Naturally, we've many fond memories of that release, and its makers.

To answer your question, yes there is a NeoCairo planned for this version of the engine.
However, there is no immediate release date avaiable at this time.

We will certainly post that info, and tap our hosts to announce.
Also, someone here will pop our listed friends an email, tipping them off.

Looking forward to that day...