UE2 - UT2kX Raven Shield Mapping

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New Member
May 18, 2011
I am currently working on a Raven Shield map and I have run into an issue with my placed brushes. Some rooms required adding and subtracting brushes into different shapes than they had originally been placed. My problem is that their wireframes remain the same in the 2d views and when I rebuild they return to their original shape.
I have looked all over two UnrealED wikis and done a decent amount of Google searches looking for a solution to this. Is there some way I can have their wireframes adhere to their new 3D shapes?


Attention Micronians
Jun 15, 2009
Is this a brush order thing, perhaps?

If a subtraction is not working, right-click the subtracted brush, and select to order it last.

(Conceptually, when you want to subtract something from an additive brush, you have to have the addition ordered before the subtraction; if not, the editor is attempting to subtract something from empty space, then after that fails, the brush is seemingly added.)