Problem importing *.dae into UnrealED

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Nov 27, 2008
[Fixed] importing *.dae into UnrealED

Well. That was fast. Turned out I need to apply an UV map first. :lol:
Dreaded newbie pitfalls. Didn't even know how to apply those things until yesterday. By the way, this video here helped me a great deal to get the UV's done. It's not UT related, but shows very well how to do UV's in Maya.

Maybe that's something helpful for the tutorial section.

Hello! :wavey:
After downloading countless skins and models from Skin City since UT'99, I recently decided to delve into the art of modeling myself. First model is probably not going to be a kicker but anyway...

Whenever I try to import a model piece into unrealED, things go wrong. Really wrong:

This is supposed to be a set of ears, the right hand side is showing up properly. But the left side is a total mess. Faces missing, and in the worst case, I'm getting a full clone of the right sided piece on the bottom of the axis, which of course shoots the polycount through the roof (compared to the original, anyway.)

I'm using Maya 2009 with the COLLADA export option (*.dae), so I haven't yet been able to give the ActorX exporter a try.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me could help me with this? I don't know if it's the format itself, or if I did something wrong during the export/import process (axis?). I'd really hate to see that character fully assembled as a frankenstein-monster with 1 1/2 heads, 1/2 ears and 4 arms.
That'd be scary.

- Nehaya
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