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May 20, 2006
Hi, I want to introduce a map I had build on for overall a year.
On this map I tried out a lot new stuff. It's an Onslaught battle but there is no terrain e.g.
Further I worked with some interesting technics like physics, new vehicles and monsters and embedded them into the map.
At last there is only one single file needed to play the map.


Top view of the map (click to enlarge). You can see the two bases at the upper left and the lower right.
Altogether there are 7 nodes between the cores and each base has two primaries connected to.
One Redeemer is placed near Center Node at the snowfield.


The Redeemer is guarded by an IceSkaarj. :D Once killed it will respawn and climb up the ladder on side wall.


Platform at Center Node. If the first one reach the platform, a trigger causes a huge starship-crush with big explosions, fire and smoke. The top of the Center Dome collapses and ship stops falling barely above players head.
Furthermore there are two jailhouses on each side of the platform. If you open the right door, a SkaarjScout will join your team and fight with you.
The Skaarj also appear in the Scoreboard after been freed. This will happen during online play as well!


Basicaly there are two ways to reach a node. One down the corridor and another on the upper walkway.
You can reach the upper one with lifts on the side.


Several new vehicles (GI Joe-Style) from 'Scot_G' and the Atlas-Buggy from 'Renegade Gods'.
All vehicles are embedded into the map and don’t need additional files.
You can cover the core by triggering a switch in the little storage room. You can also shoot the patroling monsters. After, they will run to the switch and engage the cover event.


HealingSpots are placed, so everyone can reload health and get vehicles repaired also.


One of two watchtowers with turret that covers each Core Room.


Map supports special physics. It is possible to manipulate a number of objects. You can move barrels, play with big tires, shoot cases and the framework at the top of the corridors. Framework can be used to barricade the corridors. There are Exploding barrels placed and they can respawn after a time. Also you can destroy some boxes. All this stuff works online as well!


Finally I divided the map into 3 grades of detail if you have problems with FPS.
You can increase performance by setting 'World Detail' from Normal to Low.
This will exclude (only decorative) meshes and emitters from rendering, I defined before.
This will NOT affect any other level of detail nor the quality of textures, physics, etc.

Map optimization
For another optimization I split all corridors and rooms into 18 zones. Further I make use of 'Triggerable AntiPortalActors' and place them in several doors.
The lights (most of them) are not within the dynamically rendering process.
Most lights are set to 'SpecialLit' to force lighting to specific surfaces.
These lights only affect defined surfaces like the ambiance.
Players and Vehicles (dynamic objects) have set another layer of light.
I save performance because they are excluded from rendering by most of (ambiance) lights.
Only a few precise placed lights are used to render dynamic objects.

No Additional files or Bonuspack are needed to play this map,
All things are embedded into one map file.