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Odd Problems

Discussion in 'New Version Suggestions' started by C-T, May 29, 2001.

  1. C-T

    C-T Guest

    I had decided to play INF Lite, I was haveing fun ultill my shots did no damage whatsoever...... I was at blank range, shooting at my friend and......no damage. wasted 2 clips before he got in a good shot. This only happens sometimes, and every gun has same problem. This is not due to lag, cuz we had our cpus hooked up in the same room. Couldn't seem to get him to play the real INF mod yet. So with INF lite sometimes I couldn't do damage at all, and whenever I would pick up a gun it would be completely empty. No ammo. Whenever I would load the clip I picked up it would be empty. I went through 10 clips*lol* before I had no more. All of the clips were empty. Constantly killing ourselves cuz of no ammo.*lol*:D INF mod seems to work fine though. Lag keeps me off the net sometimes so im mostly IP player. I can hit my friends and bots in INF, but have the those same hitting problems in INF lite. Also need to fix that ammo prob.. I REALLY LOVE the INF lite MUTATOR! But untill the bullet contact, and empty clips problems r fixed, I think I'll go play the real INF.:)

    I really hope this was the right place to stick this post.:cool:
  2. C-T

    C-T Guest

    More Odd Problems...

    I think I had beater say this real quick. My friend and I got through playng the INF mod just now, but we noticed that same annoying bullet hitting prob. What's wrong here? The bullets are almost harmless in INF and INF lite both. Why?
  3. DarkBls

    DarkBls Inf Ex-admin

    Mar 5, 2000
    Likes Received:

    Are you kidding ? Ever tried to shoot a double tap 40s&w in the head of someone in game ? [​IMG]
  4. C-T

    C-T Guest

    Lotsa Headshots!

    HEADSHOT!!! HEADSHOT!!! HEADSHOT!!! HEADSHOT!!! HEADSHOT!!!*lol*.:D Ok, the p90 and a few other guns. Mostly the p90. Blank range, I use whole p90 clip:minigun: , bullets go through him, he turnes around while im reloading, I go prone and miss the first few rounds, he aims down and wastes the rest of his clip and I almost die , he realises he has no clips left and panics, by this time I have my second clip in, I waste a whole 50 rounds again :minigun: while he's turning around(still at blank range), He ducks around coner, pops out the 5-7, :enforcer: uses the whole clip and the first few bulltets pass through me, he jumps out front and kills my teammate:instagib: with the 5-7, third clip in, I waste 20 rounds before he finally dies.:cool: Heh, sometimes the guns randomly don't hurt (Or im so terribly inaccurate that I can't hit him even with my iron sights on him). I think its kinda funny, and annoying at the same time. I just wanna know if the INF patch didn't install correctly or something. Bullets not hurting is becomeing more annoying than funny.

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