UE3 - UT3 Need help with a surface issue.

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Crimson Engage

New Member
Dec 4, 2012
Hello all, before I begin, you should know that i'm using the editor that came with UT3. NOT the UDK.

I'v been working on a map all night and for some reason my mouse started acting up and doing double clicks whenever I do a single click. While holding alt to duplicate a static mesh something happened where the floor of my map raised and I didn't notice until I saved the map and looked at at my slim pit that was now missing.

The slim pit wasn't actually missing, the floor was just above the whole so when you fly through the floor you can clearly see the pit.

I have no clue how to lower the floor/surface back to where I had it and pressing <edit> "undo" didn't fix anything.

Here is what the situation look's like.

As you can see in this image you might think it look's fine.

But if you fly under the surface/ground you can see the slim pit I made. The platform in the first picture is over the pit, but because the surface has been raised over the hole you can't see it.