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Mutators, Camos, Speechpacks...

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Beppo, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. Beppo

    Beppo Infiltration Lead-Programmer

    Jul 29, 1999
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    This sticky thread is planned to present mutators, camo and voice packages made by the community and/or INF team members after the release of INF 2.9. The thread is only for presenting the different packages and not for discussing about them. Every package will have a link providing its forum discussion thread if available.

    If your mutator, camo or voice package should be listed here too, or the link has to be updated, then send me a PM with the needed information, thanks.


    Official Fixes:
    .50 fix - Author: Beppo
    - Description: There is a problem with a value for the .50 projectiles within INF 2.9 that affects the penetration capabilities of the Robar RC.50 and the M2HB. The .50 projectiles should now manage to pass thru ~40 units of Unreal space on standard material.

    MultiMut - Author: Beppo
    - Description: MultiMut allows up to 128 mutators to be loaded on startup. ServerAdmins can use this to reduce the length of their commandline cause this leads to trouble between mapchanges if the commandline is too long.
    INF_AdminCom - Author: Beppo
    - Description: INF_AdminCom allows admins to force a player to switch teams by entering a console command. Players and Bots will switch teams directly after entering this command. Their inventory will be discarded but not dropped. Eventually carried CDs or CTF flags aso will be send home. They keep their number of deaths, TKs aso too. They will spawn again with the next wave.
    ServerAdds - Author: El Muerte (modified by Crowze)
    - Description: Server adds is an UT addition that will display a few lines of text every X seconds in everybody's console. You can use it do advertise your homepage, or whatever.
    SSK - Author: Cleeus
    - Description: SSK is a set of SERVERSIDE mutators for INFiltration 2.9 that (hopefully) make playing online a better experience.

    General gameplay/handling mutators:
    AimView - Author: Beppo
    - Description: While aimed and holding your AltFire button/key the view will zoom in on your sights. As long as you control your breathing the view will stay zoomed in. At the time the controlled breathing stops, be it due to firing your weapon, movement, leaning while not prone or getting hit, the zoom will shift back.
    True Scale - Author: TOAD
    - Description: Optional 45-90 degree FOV mode configurable through ini. New weapon bob system. Scope tweaks. Ballistic tweaks. Integrated rolling nade. Ricochet Tweaks. Adjust gravity to Earth's setting. Tweaked jump/climb system. Falling damage/effect tweaks. Speed reduction when moving up hill. Minor stamina tweak.
    INF - C7 (CheckMag) - Author: Olethros

    Additional Weapons and Equipment:
    INF_AddEquipment - Author: Beppo
    - Description: This mutator replaces the in-game EquipmentMenu within the QuickAction/SpeechMenu. It allows coders to add new equipment to this menu that then is useable like the claymore or smoke grenades are. All INFc_Pickups found within the players inventory and using "!*" as prefix within their EquipName will be added to the menu. Maybe check out the INF_Charges package as an example.
    New40mms - Author: Yurch
    - Description: This mutator changes grenade dynamics in general, along with adding new ammo types for both launchers. 40mm grenades have an improved flight model, and the hk69 ladder sight has been calibrated to reflect this. The added 40mm types are as follows: M433 HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose), M397 HE (High Explosive airburst), M576 MP (MultiPurpose) Buckshot round.
    INF_Charges - Author: Beppo
    - Description: This mutator adds Door Breaching Charges to the game that can be placed into a players loadout. The charges can be attached to a door, armed and then they blow 'open' the door letting it stay open permanently.
    Community WeaponPack 1 - Author: Infiltration Mod team
    - Description: This includes the M16A4 Colt Rifle, Beretta M93R pistol, MAG-7 shotgun, IMI Micro-Uzi and Colt M4A1 rifle.
    Community WeaponPack 1.2 Cheat Fix - Author: Infiltration Mod team
    - Description: A fix for the 1.2 hack inserted into the weapons pack.

    Map/Loadout restrictors/changers:
    NoSniperClass - Author: Crowze
    - Description: Sniper classes will be removed.
    NoBodyArmor - Author: Beppo
    - Description: Level II and Level IIIa armor vests will be removed.
    INFMicrobulk - Author: Keganator
    - Description: InfMicrobulk is a very simple mutator that does one thing: makes everything you carry very, very non-bulky. You should be able to carry about 10 times as much as you could before.
    Loadout Manager - Author: Crowze
    - Description: Anyone feel frustrated that 32 loadouts isn't enough, or scrolling down the whole list just to find one loadout means takes too long? You can save 10 sets of 32 loadouts, and switch between them in-game.

    Map/Team specific loadouts:
    WeaponSetup - Author: Crowze
    - Description: Replace any item in-game with any other item, or remove it entirely. Specify the loadout of each team. Give specific items to all players on each team. All of these can be set up to be specific to certain maps, or applied to all maps.
    CheckLoadout - Author: Beppo
    - Description: This mutator can remove or replace any kind of equipment. It was designed to allow the removal of combinations of items that cannot be archived by using other mutators or for future items that are currently unknown.

    HUD and Comms:
    SpeechPad - Author: Crowze
    - Description: SpeechPad is an add-on mutator for Unreal Tournament. It simplifies communication by providing a menu system, through which you can quickly and easily access whatever you want to do or say.
    ReportDirection - Author: Olethros
    - Description: ReportDirection is a mutator for UnrealTournament that will enable players to tell teammates the direction to a sighted enemy. Basically, whenever a player sends a "mutate reportcontact" command, he/she will send a teammessage containing the word "Contact!" and his/her current heading.
    UTCompass - Author: Olethros
    - Description: Displays a compass band that is configurable to ie show team mates, change color if aiming on a team mate and a lot more.

    Gametype mutators/additions:
    NewWave - Author: Beppo
    - Description: This mutator was designed to get rid off the one second respawns that sometimes do happen. It can be setup to ie. not allow respawns within the first half of the next wave. This way you force players to stay out at least this amount of time.
    SilentCapture - Author: Beppo
    - Description: CD captures will not send out an alarm in the standard EAS game mode allowing Attackers to sneak in and grabbing it unnoticed.
    INF_Captive - Author: Beppo
    - Description: This mutator allows to setup new spawnlocations per map for the Specialist player to seperate him from his team on startup. The included example settings change the setup for the maps Island and ArabOutpost with the Specialist spawning away from his team.
    INF_TeamStay - Author: Beppo
    - Description: This mutator keeps known players in their previous selected teams during/after a mapchange. Unknown/new players that join, automatically balance teams.

    Gametype and Maplist changers:
    GameSwitcher - Author: Beppo
    - Description: This mutator allows the switching of gametypes within a maplist. In addition it can assign lists of map specific mutators.

    Mutator Packs:
    Yurchian Mutator Pack1 (actshun, AllHighTracers, AllTracers, BulletSounds2, DS) - Author: Yurch


    Community Voice Pack 1 (2x french, 2x spanish, 2x german, 2x english)
    - Actors: {GD}NTKB (spanish), {GD}The_one (spanish), [reaper] (german), fist_mlrs (german), DarkBls (french), Damien Weiss (french), jayhova (english) and Beppo (english)
    Community Voice Pack 2 (1x arabic, 4x english, 1x female english, 1x french, 1x japanese, 2x russian)
    - Actors: {GD}Saladin (arabic), {GD}NTKB (english), {GD}Ghost (english), Buns aka Kittilicious (female), {GD}FrenchFrog (french), (SDS)Ninjin (japanese), Smooth Crim (russian) and CauseForAlarm (russian)

    Canada CADPAT - Author: Beppo
    Ninjin's SKINS (compilation) (Desert 2003 Bright, Urban Red, Sky Blue, Tiger Stripe Urban , Desert 2k4, WoodlandSpec) - Author: ninjin
    Opfor - Commando, US Middle East (USME) - Author: Saladin

    Map actors / EAS classes:
    INF_EASSwitch - Author: Beppo
    - Description: This package includes two new EAS classes:
    - The EASSwitch can check a number of EASgoals for their completion and if a set number of goals are completed then it will accomplish all EASgoals it surveiled. This can be used to ie setup a mission with five goals where only three have to be accomplished. No matter which ones nor which order.
    - The TimedCapture_Keypad class displayed the default grab/use message online even if the mapper defined another message. The FIXED_TimedCapture_Keypad features two new message variables that are replicated properly and so do work online as they should.
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