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The Gnome that knows
Feb 23, 2003
I didn't see anything here about it, and I think this fits more as a suggestion than a bug, so...

On the maps with mortar raining down (which is a fair amount, Siege, Triumph, and that city one all come to mind immediately), it's hugely annoying to be killed right after spawning. For example, on Siege, I was defending and kept respawning on top of the castle. That'd be fine, except that area is under constant mortar fire and there's no way to choose your spawn point. Sooo I ended up being spawn killed by the mortar four times in a row, which is annoying, needless to say. It was also a problem with attacking on the city map, but not as harsh. There needs to be one of two things done here:

1) Edit the maps so the spawn points are at least out of the AOE range of the mortar fire. Where you walk after you spawn is your own problem, but spawning to be immediately gibbed is another.

2) Give a 5-10 second spawn protection time against mortar alone. This seems easier and more fair overall to me.

Also, the mortar on Siege is very annoying because it destroys all topside turrets, pretty much making them useless. I don't really have any suggestion for that

Hey, while I'm ranting on Siege, on the "staircase" going down into the castle straight into the generator room, there's a flat section where one can place 2-3 turrets (it depends if you want to be able to get through yourself or not). This cuts off the enemy attack fairly effectively since it can cover all routes into the base (ignoring the plasma wall bug). I'd suggest making that a no turret zone, or doing something to maybe limit it to one turret there somehow (sandbags or some other obstruction).

I also liked this multiple rounds idea, it actually kind of surprised me the first time I played and it just skipped to a new map instead of switching roles.

Finally, I get rather poor framerates. I don't have the best machine (1.3 thunderbird, 512 RAM, 128 radeon 9600SE) but it does run stock UT2004 at high (just High, not the max) settings at 1024. For DA2 I have to drop it to low across the board at 800 and even then it's not as smooth as it could be. I'm not complaining too much, I don't expect new games to run on this machine usually, but if there are any quick optimizations which were overlooked before I know I'd appreciate having them done now.


Goa freak
Apr 24, 2006
yep, the problem with the mortars is annoying. so your idea with the "secure" spawn point area sounds good. but i must say that 5 seconds 'mortar protection' will suffice.