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New Member
Nov 26, 1999
If anybody is interested in a first rate modeler and animation program that exports dxf and can export 3ds with a free export plugin, goto and check out the program Animation Master. Check out the features. Looks too good to be true, but it is true. You really do get the functionality of a program that costs $1000's for $199 (can be found for less). I've had the program for about a year and have never regreted it.
I have exported dxf objects into unreal (you have to flip the normals do that they are pointing in) successfully. I'm not sure about player models because I don't know enough about importing *ut and *3d files that 3ds2unr generated. The program can export an animation sequence as a series of files, and supports IK, FK, Poses, Walk Cycles...
There is also a guy on the hash mailing list that has developed (with the feee SDK) a plugin for the genesis3D engine.


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Nov 11, 1999
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Excellent tip. I always thought Animation Master was a fortune. I know lots of versions of it are used by professional studios (movies, TV). Bonzai!
Milkshape 3D is another program that will export 3ds when it goes final this month and will be $100. It is designed specifically for doing models/animations (skeletal and all) for games. The creator is even trying to get Unreal/UT export in before the release!