Mission Original

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Jul 7, 2000
Delete or replace any of the Mission packs specific pawns. Then you need to remove any textures that are Mission pack specific. Just follow these instructions and prepare for indigestion.

Complete removal of textures

Ever have one of those finished levels, but there were textures still being loaded by the editor that aren't being seen anymore? I've got a great way to get rid of them but prepared to spend some time on it though.

Removing whole texture packages from a map: Save a backup of the map as it is. Now, retexture everything with the new textures. Write down (and this is very important) all the package files the level uses ...all the texture, sound and music files. Now EXPORT the map. Close the editor. Reopen the editor. Load all the previously mentioned package files. Now IMPORT the map. Rebuild, save. That should fix the problem.

Removing all textures: Ok, you'ld rather just re-texture the whole damn thing. Even easier. Just export the map, restart UnrealEd, and import the bad boy. Do a quick compile and start re-texturing. Make sure you get every nook and cranny cause you know somebody will end up in those damn places.

Precision texture removal (ie: only 1 from certain packages you don't use): So you're too lazy to re-texture the whole map. Hey, I can't blame ya, you spent a lot of time on it right? Well you're gonna have to take a bit more time cause this one will be real interesting.

With the original map still open, open another UnrealEd window (no not a viewport, just start UnrealEd with the first one still open). Then make a big room (ie: 512x512x512 will probally be too small so make it big like 8192x8192x8192). Then make a bunch of cubes or spheres (spheres are more efficient though). Now go back to the original and look at the textures. In the second UnrealEd, start adding in the textures that were in the original. This could take an hour so get out that foot long sub in the back of the fridge.

Once that's done export the original and save the map that was in the second UnrealEd. Now close both UnrealEd's. Restart UnrealEd and load up that quick map you made. Finally import the .t3d map as a new map and recompile. If you got all the textures then you'll have only the ones you want in.

I'm not sure which is best to be honest but whichever you like is up to you.

WARNING: These methods also effects sounds and music so take those into account as well.

Anything else?