Medics and Mechanics

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Dec 27, 2005
Okay your game is amazing you already know that i was going to post a topic before sayin that but i forgot so i am going to say so ideas i have

For the mechanics you should have them have one extra thing to build like a bunker or sandbag that faces one direction but can only be made in certain areas this should be usefull for both sides.........

For the medic it should be easier to heal people and maybe be able to drop medpacks around. Make him easier to play so more people play as him. I dont know if he does this but if your teammates are around you you heal them all slowly maybe

I know this will not even be considered for the next patch but its just a thought

Also have smaller maps like that village one they are a blast

this game is great and is just going to get better

good job and good luck


DA2 Project Lead/Level Designer
Dec 10, 2002
Redmond, WA
Medic's already have a healing radius, so anyone near them are healed automatically. We're tweaking this better for 1.1 though
Mar 20, 2002
Chica Go
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lol did you even play 1.0? ;) As spec said they already have a healing radius. Can't get much easier than that :p. The bunker/sandbag idea has been mentioned already but interesting nonetheless.

The dropping of medpacks is like DA1 and Im torn on the issue. Part of the prob is this would benefit the defenders more than the attackers so Im not sure if it would be the best of ideas.....of course if they make it so that the attackers are more numerous then the issue would be moot.

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