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me and WoD

Discussion in 'Concept Discussion Board' started by someguy_99, Oct 9, 2001.

  1. Psycho_Leech

    Psycho_Leech Hug meh

    Sep 17, 2001
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    A bit more for the story...

    When Liandri built the arena, they thought it would be popular for a while, but 1/8 of all profits seemed a bit too much, yet viewing figures didn't quite match up, and so seeing later on, the statistics were showing a decrease in viewing figures, but profits rising, Liandri saw the arena was heading for a decline, and decided to sell it to rivals Microsoft. People got more and more tired of seeing people being spawn fragged with a redeemer, but profits still appeared to rise, after an investigation by the NEG, it was revealed that the arena designer used a computer virus to make up profit statistics to make money, and was arrested. Liandri, having sold the arena for 2 billion, brought it back for £10, and refited it to give players at least a chance of hell to survive, but the championship was afterwards faught on hyperblast as it was before. The scam cost Microsoft so much they had to abandon the skynet project (aka Windows F-U) and when this project was discovered, which otherwise would have destroyed humanity, the Arena Designer was released and allowed to keep the money his virus earned him.

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