Masked surfaces?

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Aridale N. Belmont

New Member
Nov 9, 1999
Wandy for future reference things like this need to be added to the FAQ.

Ok first of all to use a masked texture correctly it has to be added to a sheet brush. Sheet brushes dont block anything so this creates a problem. So you make your sheet brush and select your texture and all that good stuff and add a special to the world. Mark it as 2 sided and masked. 2 sided only if you'll be able to see it from the other side. If not just one sided will work. Now to keep things from goin through the grate you need to add an invisible collision hull behind it. So JUST behind it not touching it cause that causes weird visual effects at a distance make the hull. I mean like 1 unit behind it. To add a collision hull add a special a select Invisible Collision Hull from the drop down list and click Add. Now Im not sure on this but I think the hull has to be made of a cube or the like not a sheet since in no state can a sheet block an actor. Naa I just thought about it and Im pretty sure Im right. =) Anyway there ya go have fun and lemme know if ya have an probs!