UE2 - UT2kX Making Bumpmapping work in UT2 For RC

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Somanny Accounts

New Member
Jan 22, 2012
This is basically part of my grandiose scheme to make the olde game, Star Wars Republic Commando support all of the lovingly rendered bumpmaps created for the game.

The (digital entertainment product) crashes whenever you enable bumpmaps in it for any graphics card and my most recent source indicated that this was due to the fact that Republic Commando was built with UT2 architecture, but used UT3 code for its maps. Naturally the company used a workaround in order to have working bumpmaps, but this workaround is no longer present in all newer graphics hardware.

So, is there a simple or applicable method to either A: make the existing bumpmaps somehow work on UT2 architecture or B: create new bumpmaps that look close to the level of quality evident in the original game?

For the record, the developers of Republic Commando did almost all of their details in bumpmaps and the 3d geometry is surprisingly flat, so it looks appallingly bad without them.