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loading a user made user.ini in console....

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by -[BHS]-Firewall, Mar 28, 2001.

  1. -[BHS]-Firewall

    -[BHS]-Firewall New Member

    Aug 3, 2000
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    Let's say I create blah.ini in my UT system folder. I'd like to know the command to be able to load it up in place of my user.ini through my console. Thank you.
  2. OshadowO

    OshadowO Irregular

    Feb 10, 2000
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    the command you requested...."USER=filename "does not work please try again with a later patch.
    Or you could just use this little utility here:)
  3. ION_Ace

    ION_Ace Assault player

    Dec 26, 2000
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    2 options instead of that

    1. start Windows Explorer and browse to your UT\system folder.
    2. Start UT and "window" it by clicking the button in the upper right corner
    3. configure your player, weapons, keys, etc.
    4. Switch to the Explorer window.
    5. Right click on your "user.ini" file, copy it, then paste it into the same folder.
    6. rename the copy to something that fits, like "regular.ini", or "myname.ini" or whatever.
    7. go back to the UT window and configure something else, like another player,
    Infiltration weapons, etc.
    8. repeat steps 3-7 for as many configs as you want.
    9. close UT
    10. In explorer, go to where your UT shortcut is, (like in your Start Menu),
    and make as many copies of it as you have config files,
    rename the copies to the name of each config file.
    11. right click on one of the shortcuts you just made and select properties, a window
    will come up
    12. In the target box, after the filename, add a space, then add:
    userini=xxx.ini, replacing xxx with the name of the ini file (config file)
    it is userini=as.ini as written, there is no dot first time but there is 2nd time

    13. click OK to save changes.
    14. repeat 11-13 for each shortcut, adding the proper ini filename to the target box.

    Now you can start UT with different configs.
    Any changes you make in UT will get saved to the config that's in use.


    U don't need 2 ini files and even if you did u could just have 2 shortcuts on ur desktop each one will boot ut with a different user.ini files.

    Or just have a key to change ini a few bttns, I'll give u one I made for a mate,..

    make a .txt file called as.txt and put this in it

    name Hogo>ION<
    set input Shift speech 4 13 0
    set input m speech 2 3 -1
    set input Backspace jumpers
    set input x teamsay THREAT CLEARED!
    set input pageup hammerlaunch
    set input NumPad0 viewme
    say Ready to kick some Assault @SS

    u can't bind stuff with | in like the wave binds so u need to make an alias like this and put it in ur user file

    Aliases[28]=(Command="ViewPlayerNum 0 | behindview 0",Alias=viewme)

    then make another one called ctf.txt with

    name ]sNc[Hogo
    set input Shift speech 4 2 0
    set input m speech 4 2 0
    set input Backspace speech 4 12 0
    set input x basesecure
    set input pageup combo
    set input NumPad0 getweapon Translocator
    say Ready to kick some CTF @SS

    I'm sure u can work the rest out urself

    Another copy paste from my script :)
  4. Tetris L

    Tetris L Smartass

    Feb 15, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Like the others said: You can't load an ini from the console, you have to specify the ini as a command line parameter, that means you have to restart UT.

    UT Start is a little tool, that lets you start UT with different inis easily. Search the web for it or get it here.

    I'd use the way that Ace suggested with executing those set-input script. This way you can switch in-game.

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