UE3 - UT3 KOS-MOS Model (and possibly other Xenosaga Ep. III Models)

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New Member
Aug 25, 2010
First off, I want to apologize if this in the wrong thread. I have and do know a way of ripping models from Xenosaga Ep. III. However, alot of work is still needed to repair/fix the model. Due to my busy schedule, I have not been able to fully fix the KOS-MOS model. If anyone here is willing to do so, please give me a private message or post below with your email so that I can send the file. Lastly, the model ripping process is about roughly 3-4 large parts, apart from getting set up. Basically, it's filling in for the missing Z-Axis, fix any hair vertices (mainly goes for long hair characters), color fixing the textures (they have the RGB values inverted), and placing the textures on the model. Again, if anyone is interested, give me your email in a message or post below.

Incomplete Models:
KOS-MOS Swimsuit
KOS-MOS V.1 (It's in Ep. III as a special suit)

Let me know which format is best to send it under

Ripping Process:
In case anyone wants to do it from square one or rip for themselves, I have placed a link where I've learned to do such. However, PLEASE DO NOT ask the person to give you any said models. He seems for some reason to not give any of his work. So please do not ask him.