Killing Floor 2 beta gameplay: Burning Paris

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Killer Fools Pro
Staff member
Nov 8, 2000
If you're a fan of the retail version of Killing Floor, you'll appreciate a lot of the improvements in Killing Floor 2 so far. The first thing you notice is the graphics, thanks to a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 3, you have some of the highest levels of detail possible and it runs butter smooth on the highest quality settings if you have a decent video card. The game-play has been tweaked in many aspects which didn't seem apparent to me when I was playing, but after watching the video some more I'm starting to really like the small things that they've done. Though jumping right in without settings controls did cause me some issues like not knowing how to sell my weapon, the fact that anybody can just start playing and not get instantly slaughtered is great.

For a beta,TWI makes it feel like a fully polished game that's ready for retail but I'm sure that plenty will change between now and early access which will only make it better. To be honest, it feels right, it feels like home. Welcome to Killing Floor 2.



Staff member
Nov 24, 1998
That's me running for my life at the end of that game. I have never felt so singled out and terrified in all of my Killing Floor playing time. That boss is a beast.