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New Member
Nov 24, 2004

In DA classic u had the ability to bind a key to build a typical machinegun/ammobox without having to go through a menu. This was a great future wich could save a lot of time. I would love to see it back.

Also, wheres the menu to command bots? I mean, i know where to find the original ut2004 speechmenu, (normally V) but i would like to be able to send a bot to a machinegun or call out a medic, ask for some cover to build a mgun, things like that.

One more idea, wich has nothing to do with the above ones:

I hate it when the spawncounter reaches zero, and I still have to click to spawn. Sometimes i'm waiting for nothing, or clicking too early, it's kind of frustating sometimes. Imo it would be better to have a auto-spawn future wich should be turned off if desired, not to should be turned ON, wich none of the servers have right now.

greets mac


AKA The--Grim--Reaper
Dec 15, 2003
And could we see a spawn counter set time in the game options?
And how do i use the speechmenu? an enhanced one would be very cool. I play with bots all the time because i get 300 ping + on all servers.