Jail Fight Tally

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Jail fights are a nice way to pass one's time, but there never really was any incentive to frag one's jailmate except for the sheer joy of seeing them bust into pieces.

Well, not anymore now. I proudly present Jail Fight Tally, an add-on which displays a score tally for jail fights. Inmates are ranked by the difference between kills and deaths; but to increase your rank, you'll actually have to be better than whoever is above you.

Enjoy :)


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Update: I've noticed some glitches during the Lockdown. Version 110 fixes them.
  • A player losing their first fight was always ranked at the bottom-most position, even if the previously bottom-most player was much worse. Now, they're ranked correctly.
  • After a player left the game, their name on the tally would be replaced by the name of the player immediately above their entry. Now, a player's entry won't be displayed while they're disconnected.
Version 110 is network-compatible to the initial one. See the first posting for the download link.


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That's weird -- the add-on was called "Jail Score Tally" early in its development, but I renamed it to "Jail Fight Tally" before releasing it, and I can't find any reference to the old name anywhere in the source code.

Can you check whether the server has a System\JBAddonTally.ucl file with the incorrect name? If so, just delete it. (Even so, I'm baffled... you didn't download the file within the first couple of minutes of my posting about it, did you?)


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Feb 5, 2002
I may have, can't remember. The JBAddonTally.u file running on the mothership is dated 24/04/2006 04:23 ... so this might be the initial version.

EDIT: I have added the latest version (110) to the MotherShip and everything is fine as you can see here. :)
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