Insurgency 2 Playable Alpha

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Feb 13, 2002
Yes, please.
Don't know if any of you remember the Insurgency mod for Half-life 2, but they've had a sequel in the works and it's already available on Steam.

The initial build gave the wrong impression - the classes were called "skirmisher," "grunt" and tank", sprint speeds were excessively high, and recoil was pretty low. A kill cam gave you a COD-like view of each enemy that killed you, and the weapon selection seamed kinda random - with items like the MP40 and MP5k.

After a recent update, the core mechanics are pretty solid. Sprinting is much slower and more controlled, there's a decent amount of sway, and the recoil system is similar to INF, where you need to pull down with the mouse rather than have the weapon settle down for you. A "realism mode" nixes the kill cam, though the default mechanics are now realistic enough that there are few other differences added in realism mode.

The devs are in the process of converting the class system to more of an INF/ARMA style loadout system, where you can use the classes as presets to quick-load your gear, but otherwise the only restrictions are that the more armor and weaponry you carry, the more you're encumbered. They seem very open to suggestions, after posting a few comments on the forums, a dev team member replied thanking me and requesting more feedback, in stark contrast to other projects where developers ignore feedback and lock threads which criticize.

Overall, I feel it's very solid for an Alpha. Other than ragdolls occasionally bouncing 10 ft in the air, I've noticed no bugs. The latest update makes for very solid mechanics. It's CQB, so you don't spend 20 minutes walking through fields before you encounter an enemy, nor do you get hung up on every little wall indoors (unlike Arma). It's also got a co-op mode similar to Rainbow Six terrorist hunt when you don't feel like dealing with pvp. I feel pretty optimistic about the developers' intent to improve things as they go along, and overall it seems like the most promising CQB tactical shooter to release a playable build in a long time.