INF Server

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Welcome & Have fun in new Eas Server : 7777
Welcome also on Ventrilo Server for ventrilo client 2.3.0 ip = port 3784
Ventrilo server have some inf channels.If u need a private channel mail me or pm me here.

Os = Linux Fedora
server netspeed=20000 maxservertickrate 33
I hope u will test it

I usking u whitch game (eas,assult...)and whitch mutators u wanna see on server?
I got place on my webpage for fast redirection.
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Now server have some mutators and weapons in
What is still missing?
I didn t play 3-4 years and i forgot whitch mutators i must putt in and is death.
Anyway it s nice to be back and i must say it s nice to play again
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Server is running and it would be nice if you test it that i would know how das it work. :trans:
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Jan 28, 2000
Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria
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Will try when home - btw, would you mind turning off TeamBalance? While it has been ages since I last played non-COOP, I always disliked being force-switched to a team; unbalanced teams usually balance in a few rounds, plus some maps actually benefit from unbalanced teams.

Balance Team = off

i would like to know abouth your pings and lag
I don t have lag here but my connection is lan.(my ping is 25 if i press f6)
That means i have inf server pc 50 cm away when i am playing
i think server must run cool (i just think or hope)
How many bots would be fine to have on server?
Now minimum players is 2
4.6ghz amd
3gb ram
40gb disk 7200rpm
internet optic 20/20mb

Tickrate on server is 33 and neetspeed 20000
When u will connect i would like you tape in console netspeed 20000
If you have 10000 maybe a little lag
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Jan 28, 2000
Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria
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Was able to connect fine after deleting MultiMut and INF_M2HBAimview, which both caused version mismatches - since I downloaded mine from some server ages ago nothing I'm concerned about.

Ping is excellent for me at 64 (with 0 other players though), but then being from Austria I'm not too far from your server (assuming it is in Slovenia). Now if just someone get's an EAS event started that doesn't end up being Friday or Saturday..
Yes server is in slovenia city Kranj and i know that you are not far away.
Thanks for info

Now i must think what to do with server browser
It s working i am connecting and when i disconnect from server bem server is not in server browser any more lol
Funy is that webadmin don t work 2
I am connecting with ip and port,changing map and bem here it is on my server browser and webadmin work again.
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2 Servers Online in 1 pc with neetspeed 20000
Bouth servers are 60 tickrate (when u connect type in console neetspeed 20000 or change your internet settings on lan!)
I tested hmmm allone on server with 20 tick my ping was 51 on f6 then 35 tick my ping was 34 and last 60 tick my ping 15 :)
I would like 100 tick test but it s a lčittle problem.If you wanna change maxnetspeed in game is max 20000 (abouth 20kb/s)for 100 tick u need 30000 and it is possible to change thet in infiltration ini!20000 netspeed is minimum for 66 tick in thet situation will be cool for 60 i think :)
i don t know how server will work becouse they are 2 servers in 1 mashine.Some mutators are missing becouse i don t have so much time this week.
amd 4.6Ghz 3gb ram 800 mhz 40gb disk 7200rpm optic internet connection 20/20mb/s or 2,560 kilobaytes/s
I hope you will test it.


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What can I do that the server would not disappear from server list.from the beginning when i turned on everythink is ok when he change the map server disappear from list.Any idea?
I can connect crouse open url but i really hate thet
Windows server dond have this problem but win server sux just linux server have this problem hmmmm
In windows tick is droped in few hours and it s lagy
Please help
I turned on linux cft server the ip is the same
60tick neetspeed 20000
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i looked in console i sow some players still have dsl connection in infiltration options thet means netspeed 10000 i got on lan in settings thet is 20000 of netspeed.xplod server have more then 20 ticket on server and 10000 of netspeed is cool for playing on 20 tickrate.Planetweed server have 60 tick,xplod more then 20 :)69:) server have 20 and i don t know how much of tickrate have <P> server becouse i don t play on nopsytex server.I have psytex in infiltration game and i can not play on non psytex server.

I would like to say it s batter gameplay if you will have lan in inf options or 20000 netspeed in infiltration.ini
I hope Server will work this time like i wont :D
Dtas 1.61 60tick neetspeed 20000 mapvotela13.10 bots maybi i will turn of bots
maps:battleofbridgeuk,dogtown,allyourbase-uk,anarchyroad,downtown,snipertown,big wild west_light,norwitch,base714,snipergulch,trfatrainstation,installation2002,train station,junglebasenight-v2,wharftownnew(suf),erioncity,bridge,greece,siberia,allyourbase,sicilynight,bosnisnian_winter,peru.