INF 2.9 Game runs way too fast

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The insect from the other sector
Oh, man.
I don't know what you guys have these kind of problems for.

I haven't upgraded my PC since 1999. Why? There's hasn't been any game released that's at least on par with INF 2.9 _and_ requires a faster CPU.

In essence, I only ever needed to upgrade hardware for games.
Luckily, I was able to invest money in other stuff for the last 9 years.

Sure, more complex programs such as image manipulation software work a bit slow compared to a 3-5GHz machine with multiple cores, which will finally be the reason for me to add a modern machine, though.

Nice to see some ppl from the high time of INF are still around at all.
Biene, Fist, Mat... and I'm sure there are others out there, too, like me reading once in a while but hardly writing here...

@Biene: I believe you also attented the so far one and only INFCON back then? Apparently you got married in between, best wishes to you!