I love Duffers.

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Oct 12, 2002
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I love this mod. It's fun, it's simple to control, and it's very beautiful GFX wise.

I know that this is an early mod and will be buggy (most mod releses are) but what a really awsome mod. BTW: With my system (I'm running a power computer just FYI) I've had no prob running it.

I can see a future with this mod (unlike most of the mods out there) that could make a retail game. If you include a goffy-golf game type, this could set it off as being a "Make-something-Unreal" winner.

I know you are looking into: More game moddles & skins, more holes, more phy, and other places to play... but wow, with what you got, you can surely go a long ways.

Keep up the really good work.

I just found the mod and a fan already.

Qix77 (Jody)

BTW: Why isn't this mod being advertised across the Unreal network?


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Nov 15, 2000
Marion, OH
Thanks for the kind words!

We're working on fleshing out the game, as we finally have a decent platform to start from. The first 1.5 years (really, that long) of this project have been about getting golf to work within UT. Now we are finally concentrating on content and gameplay tweaks / additions.

BTW: Why isn't this mod being advertised across the Unreal network?

We've been wondering that ourselves, and honestly, we don't know why. We figured the novelty of a golf game using the Unreal Engine would assure us some press, but that has unfortunately not been the case. We could seek a more aggressive PR campaign, but we'd rather concentrate on creating the game. (That and our PR guy just had a baby ;) ).


May 11, 2004
Dublin, OH
Thank you, and everyone else on this forum, for the praise and support. It's posts like this that keep us inspired. It's been a long road getting golf to work in UT. Now we're enjoying making an actual game out of it. Getting over all the technical problems seemed like it's own project. Now it feels like we're modding our own mod. I'm glad you (and I'm sure others) see the potential of Duffers. We've got all kinds of new stuff on the way, so keep checking back.

As for the lack of press and attention, the best PR is usually word of mouth. Tell your friends, post in other forums on other sites, even write to site editors and tell them you want to know more about Coil and Duffers. Fans are the best PR machine you can ask for.

Thanks again!


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Jan 3, 2004
Nice, very nicely done to date.
Something friendly and non-intimidating for less than expert golfers.
For some odd reason, despite the fact that I deplore real golf, I love playing golf sims... very relaxing and fun.

Any chance of this mod getting some sort of "mouse-swing" option?
That would put it right over the top with me, I'm not too worried about the physics needing a little tweaking and the herniated golfer needing some chiropractic attention.
It immediately shows that somebody has really put some effort into this... and the results are outstanding.

I'm irritated by the fact that my old favorite Front Page Sports golf sim is now considered lost/defunct-ware and has no support or easy means to share around with friends so I have folks to play with.

I'll see if I can get some local friends to grab a copy of this to thwack some balls around with.

Happy Gaming,

P.S. Hiya Worf... haven't seen you in a thread or a game for quite some time. :)