I have a new Unreal server

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Anyone ever play the oldunreal Infiltration DM? Got a 20 player for it, Redrum Deathmatches now, "peep game" lol

Does the CACHE for infiltration 2.9 use the same cache as UT's? I've set my purgecachedays=0


If I install the old Infiltration 2.75 for UT , will it overwrite the 2.9?


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The problem with 2.75 I was having was:

the guns wont reload automatically, if u dont have the mod installed to set a key.

Even in the ini;s i changed all the autoreload commands to true, restarted server etc,

still didnt work,

u have to currently be running 2.75 to be able to reload? am i missing something>?'

i wanted to make it possible, so ANYONE can enter and have their guns reload automatically, so no need to have the mod installed if they choose not to : (

Just like the Unreal 1 Infiltration mod basically.


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BTW I like 2.75 because it resembles the mod I play on about 90% , on unreal 1 i run the server, unreal gold patched with 227f is my client.

I possibly can expand into U if i can solve that ONE KEY PROBLEM I am having.

My 28 player runs this Infiltration mod, Unreal1 might be DOA, but Redrum Deathmatches (my server) sure isnt !! i seen 21 players at once on oldunreal, thats crazy for that old game : )