How's everyone doing?

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Comrade Jerkov

You are in contravention...
Dec 23, 2005
Yes, as I said in another thread, I come and go like a shifting wind. It helps keep things interesting for when I am around.

I see a lot of new faces here, new projects, too. So I figured I should reintroduce myself, as I expect everyone (even the SandRock boomerang) has forgotten me by now ;)

So, for what little use, worth or interest I am around here, I'm here to have my bi-monthly poke around :p



Team Orbit
Nov 24, 2003
NeoCairo Temples
Don't worry Ash, Izi, Comrade, however you call yourself these days ;)... i haven't forgotten about you =)
In fact im looking at your msn name "Razgriz" right now ;)

I'm doing fine, and hopefully TO is doing just as well. I guess its just the silence before the storm were in right now!

So anyone went to E3? :)

Heres something I just finished in PS:

The background doesnt match the colour of this forum, but it does on the one i use it, thats why it doesnt fit in aswell here.