Happy T day

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Baitshop opening soon.
Apr 9, 2000
Nali City, Florida
What I’m thankful for:

Zeros and ones. Large-breasted women. Douche. Blitzen. Marge Simpson. Billy Mays’ death. Steel cups. Street cones. The letter K. Nitrous oxide. Bacon. Colon Blow cereal. The one yard line. Bubble butt women without tattoos. I Can’t Believe This Crap Ain’t Butter. Electric drills. Cold beer. Suicidal ninjas. Dead parrots. Air. Fans. Colossal breasts. The interweb. Spanish Fly. Elevators. Warm beer. The Super Suck 5000 Massageilator. Clothing for the ugly. Gigantic-humongous-gravity-defying freakishly large-breasted brunette women with bubble butts, high heels, and a bowl full of whole cashews. SpongeBob. People who are uglier than me. Microwaves. Cows that are dumber than me. Those slow, long farts that tickle my sphincter. Windshields. Indoor toilets. Cue cards. Non-scaring toilet paper. Flesh-eating bacteria. Duct tape. Rosie O’Donnell snipers. The electric chair. Penis reduction surgeons. Electric fans. Pr0n. Washing machines. TV without Smell-O-Vision. Mr. Marbles Anti-Explosive Gas Butt Paste. Women who can pull a plow. Mega boobs. People who don’t talk to me and look at me. Crazy vigilantes with guns but no ammo. Ammo for those vigilantes with guns. Targets that I hate for those vigilantes with guns and ammo. Long walks on a dehydrated beach at Red Tide with dead fish washing ashore and, finally, Sunsets.