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May 2, 2002
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Who has played this game? I have on my friend's xbox..it has me frekaing addicted. At first i sucked..now im not bad..deadly with the pistol and its 2x scope. My favorite veichle is the Banshie..the one that flys in the air. Dog fights rule. Playing co-op is awaosme, i'm ehtier support or tank. Tank being i go in first and slaughter the covenat. I am feared by my firends in multiplayer. My psitol skills and running over skills(with the warthog) fear them:) Wel..there you ahve it barn...i posted:)
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Heh... did you try to update your video card drivers?

The final run has to be the greatest ever.

Gotta love those silly midgets when you're loaded with plasma grenades ("NOT AGAIN!")

Does anyone know how to begin a co-op game in Halo PC??

BTW, create a game with these settings, and tell me how you like it.
Only Halo PC

Team Race
10-25 laps, no timelimit
No warthogs, banshees, tanks or ghosts, only Rocket warthogs.
Unlimited grenades
Heavy weapons
Instant respawn
Cloaked players

Send me feedback! :p