GitHub UT99 469d for Infiltration

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You Give Odie a Boner
Nov 19, 2001
Austin Texas
There is a GitHub project to update UT99, which as of this post is v469d, this can work for Infiltration but it isn't just updating UT99.

*Note: 436 client can't connect (correctly) to UT99 Patched to v469d. Inf Weapon graphic/HUD doesn't appear after connecting.
*Note: v469d client can't connect to UT99 451 (or below). UT 451 tries to send core UT files to the v469d client.

1. Update UT99 as per Git Hub's v469d instructions
2. Copy only the v469d System and overwrite all ../Infiltration/System files
3. Must update Infiltration shortcut and use v469d UnrealTournament.exe. ex: ...\System\UnrealTournament.exe Entry USERINI=InfiltrationUser.ini INI=Infiltration.ini
4. In your Server (if running a server) set/change the minimum version for clients, which you can do in the Infiltration.ini that your server is using.

When you start up Infiltration, you'll get the Unreal Tournament logo/splash screen. Once Infiltration starts up, then it will be all Infiltration bits. I can't say it works 100% like a v436/v451 but connecting my v469d client to my v469d server it seems to work.

Just incase anyone else had the bright idea of trying to update to the GitHub releases ;-)