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Ghost Dogs wins North American ILCR championship

Discussion in 'Infiltration Community Announcements' started by geogob, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. geogob

    geogob Koohii o nomimasu ka?

    Mar 11, 2000
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    Maybe you've already heard, but Ghost Dogs (GD) has officially won the North American ILCR championship in a final match against Death By Design (DßD) in which GD won all rounds.

    A few weeks back, we won 4:0 against Phoenix Rising (P^R) in a match that brought us to the grand final, which was played last Sunday. This concludes the current North American season of the ILCR, with Ghost Dogs in lead position, followed by DßD and UMC.

    I would like to congratulate all ILCR participants for all the great matches they played during this seasons. We enjoyed playing against you and we hope to see all of you on the battlefield very soon again.

    A few screenshots are available at the following address:

    Please, feel free to come by our forums and leave us a little word.

    Here is the official word from the ILCR:


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